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Why Turning Past Jobs into a Podcast Can Be Profitable

Why you should use a past experience as a podcast topic

On today’s episode of “Podcasting Your Purpose” I talked about why you should turn past jobs or life experiences into topics for a profitable podcast.

Why Turning Past Jobs into a Podcast Can Be Profitable

Long gone are the days when the mention of podcasting might have brought an image of someone sitting in their basement with a computer, a headset and microphone, dreaming of becoming a professional DJ or talk show host.  

Podcasting is becoming a mainstream marketing and an important communication tool for businesses as well as individuals especially now as we deal with the COVID-19 Crisis.

Have you been recently laid off; resourced; outsourced or just plain fired?

Has the Corona Virus or COVID-19 Crisis cut back your hours and your commuting time?

You have years, maybe even decades of experience so you can provide information and instruction to others who may need it.

Remember in a previous episode I stated that Mainstream Media is now Niche Media, well you can choose a niche or topic of which you have extensive knowledge of or are very passionate about.

You can share your education and your experience with others who may be looking for it.  

Whether you are or were a teacher, a Preacher, Journalist, jugglist, TV or Newspaper reporter or even a Caregiver, there are many ways in which you can start a podcast that can help others.

Podcasting has become not only a popular new medium but a medium that can add on to; or build onto your brand and expand your exposure online.

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We are now all living in a virtual world, learning, educating, training, entertaining and inspiring so why not join the power of podcasting by contacting me today with an email to register for a 30-minute Complementary Discovery Call or to sign up for a 90-minute Mini Coaching Session to get started with your podcast today.

There are many opportunities for you to share and grow, a way to leave a legacy using your voice and vision which can change someone’s life; so take the time now, a time that we may never get again to start a Podcast to educate inspire and instruct which is help someone start a new career you got it so share it!

Get started today with a podcast then perhaps when the job market opens back up you will be seasoned enough to start a podcasting division for the HR department or even train others how to do so.

Let’s Chat > What previous job could you turn into a podcast?

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