Tips for Bloggers Working with Brands

Tips for Bloggers Working with Brands Podcast

On Episode #20, which by the way was the last episode of Season 1 of Blog Your Way to a Business Profit I provided a few tips for bloggers working with brands.

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Tips for Bloggers Working with Brands

You don’t need to have a huge following or get hundreds of thousands of views a month, but you do need to be influential. Normally when you’re getting 50-100 visitors a day you are safe to start reaching out to brands. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule so if you have less, you can also reach out to small vendors.

If you have just started blogging and you’re getting 30 views a day but have 10,000 total followers on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. In that case, you can work with brands on a Social Media only campaign but throw in a blog post as a bonus.

Tips for Bloggers Working with Brands

Be honest in your review.  Don’t “sell your soul” for a few free products or a small check, remember your reputation is at stake and nine times out of ten, it will come back to haunt you. 

AGAIN Be honest in your review.  Don’t try to convince your readers that a product works if it didn’t!  If after accepting a campaign for a review you find the product didn’t work or there was an adverse reaction, immediately contact the Campaign Leader or the company to let them know. Remember, your reputation means more than the money or free product so don’t write a positive review if it was a negative experience.

Write your own review.  Sharing is Caring but don’t use another blogger’s post or copy another published product review and try to pass it off as your own!  

Write in your own voice.  Do the best that only you can do and don’t try to imitate other bloggers.  Remember it’s your blog and your readers are looking for your voice.  

African American Blogger

Be upfront and honest. Make sure to include an initial Disclosure Statement so that your readers know that you were compensated for the review and this also meets FTC regulations

Reach out to brands directly.  Is there a product or service that you use and simply love? Perhaps you long to become a Brand Ambassador or attend a major event, well don’t sit back and dream about it, take the initiative and contact them. 

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3 thoughts on “Tips for Bloggers Working with Brands

  1. I would say to be discerning about what brand you choose to work with. It needs to fit your audience. It’s tempting to accept a proposal for the money, which is tough if you really need it. Afterward, you will probably regret it.

  2. Honesty is always the best policy, especially when working with big name advertisers. The blogger should strive for excellence to maintain the ingrity of self and their blog when giving honest reviews. Honesty also increases profitability. 🙂

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