Young Entrepreneurs Academy in Delaware

Young Entrepreneurs Academy

Wow What a Week!

I had an opportunity to work with a few young entrepreneurs, teaching them how to use social media for digital selling as well as how to start a podcast.

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy was sponsored by Ignite Leadership 360, and you may recall the interview of the Founder and CEO, Kiera Smale on this podcast episode.

Earlier this spring she formulated a plan to conduct a week-long Young Entrepreneurs Academy, for students between the ages of 12 and 16 and I agreed to teach 2 of the 5 workshops.

On Wednesday, I taught them about their social media digital footprint and how digital selling and podcasting would be beneficial for their future endeavors but of course I learned just as much as they did.

During the week long Academy, from 9 am to 3 pm they received instruction on various entrepreneurship topics including leadership skills, graphic design, social media, financial literacy and podcasting.

We talked about the various social media platforms and they informed me that Facebook was for “old people”; of which I informed them that when they start a business that they would want to be on the platform with “old people” because that’s where the money is!

old people online

We also talked about Digital Disclosure, and Digital Drama which included Cyberbulling and to be aware of what they share online a curriculum that I created several years ago.

On Friday, I taught them how to start a podcast which included choosing a topic, naming their show, creating an intro and outro and they created their cover art using Canva.

I gave them handouts with podcasting tips and they had an opportunity to record an episode in Blake’s Booth Podcasting Studio as well as receive a copy of their MP3 to to share with family and friends.

I loved their ingenuity and watching their creativity flow as they wrote out topics and titles and of course going into the studio as if they were seasoned pros.

I truly enjoyed working with these young entrepreneurs and hopefully we’ll have more students enrolled for the August session; so stay tuned and if you know of a young person who lives in the state of Delaware pass along this blog post to their parents as they may want to enroll them into the next Young Entrepreneurs Academy.

Antionette Blake

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