Your Gift From God is Your Gift

On Saturday I had an opportunity to attend an event at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden; it was an invitation from my friend and fellow Co-Marketing Master and business owner, Cathy E. Smith.

Cathy had invited me to attend her church to listen to Bishop TD Jakes present his annual Leadership Training which was free and open to the general public.

As it was my first time attending an event at this church and not knowing what to expect, I think I overdressed however, I was comfortable nevertheless.

First Baptist Church of Glenarden is a Mega Church, mine, Mt. Pisgah U.A.M.E in Middletown is a small country church so I was amazed at the enormity of the building as well as the amenities and do hope to visit again for a regular Sunday Service.

Your Gift from God is Your Gift

Bishop TD Jake’s spoke for approximately 90 minutes to a very and diverse large crowd, however, his message was personal to many as he hit upon many important points that resignated to not only business owners but to singles and married couples as well.

Bishop TD Jakes is down to earth and he shared many funny antedotes, including some about his life and wife with each story being very relatable to the more than 4000+ in attendance.

Whether you are a new business owner or one that has been in business for many years change can be un-neverving. So as we enter into a new year with renewed optimism and opportunities remember that, “YOUR Gift From God is YOUR Gift” and comparing yourself to others is not wise.

Bishop TD Jakes at First Baptist Church of Glenarden

My Takeaways from Bishop TD Jakes

  • Your insides have the answers – what you are aching for is already inside of you.
  • “Big Deals Takes Time”
  • “God took his riches stuff and put it inside of you”
  • “Your content is divine – your container is corrupt”
  • “Gratitude releases Creativity”
  • “Don’t allow sensitivity to kill your productivity”
  • “I am not supposed to be finished”
  • “Celebrate Yourself”
  • “Put your efforts into being good, not looking good”
  • “You fit into your purpose”
  • “You are everything that you need to be to do what you are meant to be”
  • “Be ready to bring forth”
  • “Chaos is a part of growth”
  • “Fresh energy to go with the new opportunity”
Antionette Blake at First Baptist Church in Glenardan

I walked away with the motivation to take my business to the next level, as I have always known that MY Gift from God is MY Gift and this event was just the push that I needed to move forward without fear! Stay tuned for my newly published book – Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners and monthly Blogging Seminars in Smyrna!

Later in the day, Cathy and I spent a few hours together to write out and review our goals for 1Q20 and beyond – time to take action because Your GIFT From God is YOUR Gift and it’s time to unwrap it!

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