196: Getting an ROI from your Published Blog Posts Episode #196

Blogging tips to getting a return on your investment – ROI for your published blog posts; including re purposing old content and sending out monthly newsletters. #roi #bloggingtips #bloggingbasics #delawareblogger
Read more tips in my book, “Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners” https://bit.ly/2Oiqrkt
Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners is a blueprint to not only help you get started with creating a new blog it also provides useful tips to grow an existing blog. The Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners book was written after many years of classroom instruction at various Public Libraries around the state of Delaware as well as being an Adjunct Instructor at Delaware Technical Community College and I am sharing what I have found to be most helpful.
Blogging is a wonderful way in which to not only leave your legacy but to also connect with other like-minded people. Blogging can be rewarding and exciting, however, it takes a lot of work and dedication in order to be successful.

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