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Soy Candles

It’s been a little over a week yet, I am still excited after conducting my first Blogging and Beauty Mixer which was held at the Reallook Med Spa in Bear, Delaware.


Soy Candles

Most of you know that I have been providing free Blogging and Social Media Workshops at local libraries for the Money School of Delaware since 2013.  As much as I enjoyed teaching the workshops for free the time had come that I could no longer afford to continue doing so.




I have literally trained over 500 participants and have spoken in front of more than 1500 small business owners since starting my blogging journey in 2012.  I have enjoyed each and every workshop and presentation, however, beginning in September, I will be conducting them as a 3-part Blogging Series at Del Tech Community College in Stanton. 

These workshops will become part of their course offerings and I will be paid for doing what I love to do; the Delaware Blogger is finally turning her passion into a profit in a major way!


As an introduction to my consulting services, the Blogging and Beauty Mixer was held at the Reallook Med Spa, in collaboration with the owners, Arun and Simmi Bixit.  The mini seminar’s title “Blogging is Good for the Mind, Body, and Soul” was apropos considering it was hosted at a Day Spa.

Registration for the Mixer was created in Eventbrite, promoted on Facebook and many thanks to my friends and followers because the tickets sold out in less than 2 weeks!  Not only did it sell out, but I had several business owners agree to donate products for the Goodie Giveaway Bags which included, The New Castle County Chamber of Commerce, AARP Delaware, Summit Liquors, The Cleaning Girl, Inc., The Women’s Business Center, Anara Originals, Splash Designworks and content creator of got2bgina blog who had the personalized Soy Candles made.

My makeup artist and designer, Nikki Valentine, owner, of N.V.Me Designs USA, LLC
The best part of the Blogging and Beauty Mixer was having everyone introduce themselves as well as tell a little something about their life’s journey.  With each story or testimony, it becomes more apparent that we had all met for a purpose.  

The testimonies and shout outs were inspiring and it was also a great way to network with like-minded individuals.  The love and support from everyone in attendance was truly heartwarming.

Needless to say, this is something that I have prayed for and by adding a Blog Consulting service to A.Blake Enterprises I hope that it will get me closer to my dream of retiring from Corporate America before the year 2020.

I would like to thank everyone that attended the first Blogging and Beauty Mixer and look forward to the next one.


If you are interested in receiving a Blog Analysis, please send an email to and I will get back to you to schedule a consultation and review.


Let’s chat:  are you interested in starting a blog or perhaps making changes to your current one?


Cocktails and Comedy Show FREE Ticket Giveaway







Head over to my Facebook or Instagram page to see some highlights.


Hello Delaware friends, family and followers, I am offering a FREE ticket to this Saturday’s Cocktails and Comedy Show, a kickoff fundraiser for the KalediscopeDE Cancer Conference.  


The only requirement as an entry for your chance of winning the ticket is to check out the redesign of my blog then read and comment on at least three of the posts.  


Tickets are Available At Eventbrite

The winner will be randomly chosen on Friday, June 2nd at 5:00 PM, and the ticket will be held at Will Call at The Delaware Theatre Company located at 200 Water Street, Wilmington, DE.  For more information about the Cocktails and Comedy Show please head over to

Thank you and good luck to all the entrants, I hope to see you at the show!

Comedy and Cancer – Do They Mix?

Cancer is no laughing matter but humor is healing and healthy.  

Have you ever been in a tense or difficult situation when you suddenly burst into a fit of giggles?  Or feel a release or rejuvenated after watching a side-splittingly funny movie?  It turns out there’s some scientific veracity behind the old adage “laughter is the best medicine.”  When you’re feeling down finding friends to laugh with can help your brain trigger its own laughter response and foster closeness, both of which contribute to your sense of well-being.  

Comedy and Cancer – do they mix?  Yes, on Saturday, June 3rd come out and listen to some of the hottest comedians in the industry – cancer thrivers and survivors using humor as a way to heal.


Tickets are Available At Eventbrite

Check out my Podcast as I speak with my friend, Nicolle Surratte, a Cancer Thriver and Creator of KalediscopeDE as we discuss the 2nd Annual Comedy & Cocktails Fundraiser being held on June 3rd at The Delaware Theatre Company in Wilmington.

Afros and Apple Jacks, BeeHives and Bouffants – Hair Don’t Care About the Air

Afros and Apple Jacks BeeHives and Bouffants – Hair Don’t Care About the Air Wayback Wednesday


With all the controversy surrounding hairstyles lately, more specifically African American hairstyles and hair care products, I started thinking about the hairstyles of the 60s and 70s.

How we wore our hair anywhere, in styles that we didn’t care, especially about the air or the ozone layer.

Afros under Apple Jacks and Beehives under Bonnets were all the rave in the 60s and 70s, it was the “Hair Don’t Care” era because we would use a full can of aerosol hairspray or Afro Sheen to keep our ‘do together and in shape.

Miss Breck Hair Spray


The Bubble, the Bouffant and then the Beehive came into fashion in 1960 which was a teased and lacquered version of big hair. Teasing and spraying, spraying and teasing for just the right look to hold it in place to last through the entire day and way into the night.



Grease and straightening combs, pomade or conked, laid to the side home fried with an  Afro pick sticking out like an antenna.  So many ways to style our hair, I even tried making afro puffs by cutting my hair with disastrous results!


Needless to say, my grandmother wasn’t very happy because she had a paid photographer coming the next day to take our pictures.



Now as you can see, my hair was too fine for an Afro but that doesn’t mean I didn’t try, as a matter of fact, my sister, Gloria and I had such thin hair that even sponge rollers would fall out and Gloria definitely didn’t like being woken from sleep for pictures!

curlers worn to bed


I was envious of my cousins who could effortlessly pull off Afro Puffs or even a full blown fro, perfectly styled like Marlena Shaw.



The government warned us that if we continued to use aerosols spray cans that we would put a whole in the ozone layer so spray pumps became popular in the 80s, as did the Jheri Curl which is another whole ball of wax!


What was your favorite hairstyle?

OMG I Met A WWE Superstar – Ron “The Truth” Killings

How many of you follow Pro Wrestling?
I am going, to be honest, and admit that I don’t follow professional wrestling, however,  I do know the names of a few of the “superstars” like Hulk Hogan and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, granted neither of them still wrestle…at least I don’t think so.
Anywho, when my Podcast producer Chevonna Johnson told me that our new Brand Ambassador for AAU Global Production Media Group was going to be Ron ‘The Truth” Killings, I wasn’t impressed because I had never heard his name before.
However, I must now admit, that not only is Ron “The Truth” Killings Superstar in the Wrestling Ring, he is also a Superstar in the hearts and minds of many inner city youths, especially after last week’s event –The 1st Annual Brand Ambassador Award Launch which honored Ron “The Truth” Killings.

The Brand Ambassador Award Launch was held at theSpirit of Huntington Art Center in Huntington Station. NY which is a is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides children with special needs and Veterans the opportunity for art and creative expression that can transform their lives.
My friend and fellow vlogger, Nikki Valentine ofN.V.Me Designs was also invited to be part of the program as one of the motivational speakers as she definitely has a life altering story to tell.  Head over to her Facebook page if you want to listen to the video.  Nikki is also from Delaware so she accompanied hubby and me on the 4 hours journey to Long Island, NY.

Arriving a few hours before the 7:00 PM start time, we were greeted by Michael Kitakis, the Executive Director, and teacher who helped us get set up for the “main event”.  This program was exciting for the kids as they had an opportunity to take pictures and paint with Ron Killings before the program started.

As the host, I started by introducing Roger and Chevonna Johnson, CEOs of The Whitney E. Johnson Foundation who talked about their reason for giving back to not only the community but to the kids who live there and why it’s important to provide a platform for which to express themselves.
After a little coaching from Chevonna we were able to get one of the young men to come up and talk about what concerns him most in his life.  He spoke of his hopes and dreams of growing up in a world without drugs and violence and how he wants to become a doctor or lawyer or any man that will make his parents proud of him.  Because of his honest and articulate response, he was awarded a $20 Gift Card fromBig Lots, one of the event’s sponsors.
Speaking of sponsors, the list of sponsors for the event included:

DJ HandzSolo, DelBlogger, Big Lots, N.V.ME Designs, Target, Campbell Bakery, readStaples, MizMacMarketing, LLC and Irma Davis

After Pablo spoke, we were treated to a poetry reading by Mr. Roy Jarmon, a retired Vietnam Vet who speaks to vets about his PTSD experience.  I had actually heard an interview with Mr. Jarmon before meeting him that evening and look forward to having him as a guest on my Podcast this summer.

Mr. Roy Jarmon (Poet)
The program continued with a brief introduction of each of the Motivational Speakers who all had an opportunity to talk to the students about their own life’s struggles, accomplishments and current situations with emphasis on the theme, that your past doesn’t determine your future and if you set your mind to do something, it can be done, not matter the circumstances.

Nikki Valentine, N.V.Me Designs

Jessie White – Motivational Speaker

Allyson Springett, Owner, Mystique Natural

Hosting the event
The final Motivational Speaker wasRon “The Truth” Killings and the kids listened intently and they had waited patiently for this main event after a long day.

Ron “The Truth” Killings

Ron “The Truth” Killings is an American professional wrestler, actor, and rapper. He is currently signed to WWE under the ring name R-Truth. Ron “The Truth” Killings, where he became the first African-American to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, a title he held on two occasions, in addition to becoming a two-time NWA World Tag Team Champion and a one-time TNA World Tag Team Champion.
Ron’s goals are to empower teens, college students, and adults to become successful. He desires to teach them how to become their own boss through entrepreneurship.  As a Hip Hop artist, Ron’s music is very inspirational.  He hopes that through mentoring, counseling, and working with organizations around the world, that he will impact people’s lives.
After Ron spoke, he performed a few of his well-known Rap songs which got the kids excited and motivated.  An open mic was available for members of the audience to ask questions but the kids were definitely ready to go home, however, not before having a slice of cake and then getting an autographed photo of Ron.

Ron signing photos and speaking with the kids
The evening’s event concluded with a musical performance byA.B.Y.S.S, a female emcee, singer, songwriter and graphic designer from New Jersey then a presentation to Ron Killings by Chevonna and Roger Johnson.

A.B.Y.S.S. aka thABYSSness
It was a long day and I like the kids was ready to go but not before taking pictures so we didn’t get on the road until after 10.  There was a traffic tie-up on the George Washington bridge and we didn’t arrive back into Delaware until 2:00 am and I returned the rental car so I didn’t get to bed until after 3:00 am.

I slept in until 8, but then drove to work and almost a week later I am still feeling the effects from the loss of sleep but thankfully this is a holiday weekend so I made plans to have a long date with my pillow – poolside or otherwise.

Thank you, Roger and Chevonna Johnson for giving me an opportunity to host the1st Annual Brand Ambassador Award Launch.

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