Social Media & Six Stress Relieving Smartphone Apps


Social Media & Six Stress Relieving Smartphone Apps


If you read Monday’s post, you might assume that Social Media and Stress Relief don’t play so well together or that it may actually be an oxymoron.  After all most people wake up and first thing they do is plug into a digital device which according to experts is causing major stress. 






However, there are many Apps that can be downloaded onto our Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops that will actually help us decompress and reduce stress.



  1. Simple Habit


Is an app for busy people (raising my hand) and is available for iOS and Android.  Simple Habit is an on-demand platform that offers simple 5-minute lessons, featuring more than 1,000 meditations guided by mindfulness teachers from around the world.  You can try it FREE for 30 days, then it’s $7.99 month thereafter.


  1. Headspace

This is another app for iOs and Android that features an easy to use interface that offers a FREE 10-day beginner’s series which guides you through the essentials of meditation and mindfulness. It’ll give you a solid foundation to build your practice on.



  1. Stop, Breathe & Think


An app that aims to give you exactly what it says in the title. The chance and skills to stop everything, just breathe, and think. The guided meditations cover a range of goals and are constructed to help you take some time out and concentrate on yourself.


  1. Calm


I love my lavender burning candles and using this app which is designed to help you be calm. There are many stunning backgrounds that you can stare at for ages, and a range of meditations.  Calm provides a space for you to get away from it all without having to go anywhere.




Downloading apps that offers techniques that helps to clear your head, reduce stress, sleep better and enjoy greater overall happiness is definitely worth downloading.


  1. Happify

App that offers positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy. As the name suggests, Happify’s number one goal is to help us all feel happier and more emotionally fulfilled.




  1. Breath2Relax


Breathing properly is an integral part of relaxation. Not only does it help to fend off your body’s fight or flight response to stress, but it also helps you to focus and manage your stress and anxiety. Breathe2relax is a fantastic tool for tracking your breathing.


Let Chat > Do you have an app that you use to help relieve stress?


Your Social Media Brand is Your Bond – Take It Personally!


These days when signing onto Facebook, it’s not hard to find your timeline filled with friends or friends of friends ranting about something and asking you “to make it go viral”.  Whether it politics, religion or sports, there is always something and oftentimes it is very difficult to get away from the negativity. 

Yes, Facebook has been changing the algorithms to make it fun again, however, I often find myself reminding clients that “Your Social Media Brand is Your Bond and You Need to Take It Personally”.  


Long gone are the days when you could separate your personal page from your business page because eventually the two will meet.  You really don’t want something negative or hateful that you posted on your personal page to collide with your business page which may lead to the lost of current or future clients or other business associates. 




I know…we are all entitled to our own opinion on a myriad of topics and there are some that can get our blood boiling.  But think about it for a moment; as a consumer would you want to do business with someone who shouted or cursed you simply because of a difference in opinion? 

I know that I wouldn’t!

I doubt that Facebook will ever be “fun again”, but remember, your social media brand is your bond, it’s what people think of you regardless of whether or not they personally know you.  How do you want people to view you, what impression do you want to leave? 

Think before your Tweet, Stop Before You Snap and Pause Before You Post.




Believe it or not, I don’t check in on social media the first thing each day, why because I need to first arm myself with prayer and meditation!  Yep, I put on spiritual armor and ask God to guide my tongue and soften my heart so I can forgive those who may try to distract me from my goals. 




“Your Social Media Brand is Your Bond – Take it Personally” and don’t give away your power feeding into the negativity of others. I am wishing you all a wonderfully blessed week!

Let’s Chat: Have you stopped following or have unfriended someone because of what they have posted on social media?

Social Media & Homelessness and How We Can Help



Did you know that famous celebrities such at Tyler Perry, Halle Berry, David Letterman, Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Lopez were once homeless

How many of you remember the story of a homeless man whose offer of assistance to a stranded motorist, using his last $20 to buy gas, netted him over 400K from a GoFundMe page that she started?  Or how about Ted “Golden Voice” Williams a former radio host who went from homeless to Hollywood after a Dispatch Reporter heard him sing at a busy street intersection?

There are many more stories of homeless men, women, and children who are being helped by unsung heroes, and on this Podcast, I will be speaking with Dr. DeBorah Gilbert White, Founder of HerStory Ensemble, Community Empowerment Institute on ways she is working to educate the public, challenging myths and stereotypes about homelessness and how you too can help in this fight.




“Housing Not Handcuffs”

Dr. Deborah Gilbert White knows all too well about why we need to change our mindset about those who are experiencing homelessness and she talked more about it here on the Podcast as well as what ordinary citizens such as you and I can do to spread the word.



Learn more about the Homeless Bills of Rights and how you can get involved using social media to help our most vulnerable citizens and make this world a better place. 

If you missed the Podcast, click here to hear the rebroadcast.


Economical & Efficient 2018 Hyundai Elantra Eco


You guys know that I practically live in my car, not only do I commute to work from Middletown, Delaware to Wayne, Pennsylvania, which is a 114 miles round trip, I also teach Building Your Own Blog Workshops at DelTech Community College in Stanton, DE so I definitely need an economical and efficient vehicle to get around.




Whether I am stopping in for coffee at Wawa or picking up a gallon of milk and a few candy bars from Walgreens, I am always zipping around town.






Driving up and down the highways between two states on a daily basis means that I need an economical and efficient vehicle and this 2018 Hyundai Elantra Eco definitely fit the bill. 

I loved jumping into this vehicle early one morning and having it warm up quickly in the frigid temps and having the heated front seats keep my tush toasty on an early morning drive to the Riverfront for our bi-weekly Chamber of Commerce meeting.




I drove all over town between Delaware and Pennsylvania for an entire work week without having to stop for gas once so at 35 MPG it definitely saved me a few bucks. 

I also loved how it hugged the curves as I drove through the “cattle shoots” on Route 202.  The 7″ display and audio system was great, whether I was listening to Watercolors on SiriusXM Radio or to Les Brown’s motivational moments from my YouTube Channel via the AUX Bluetooth connection. 

Another safety feature that I found to be unique yet very convenient was the volume of the radio, it would automatically lower when the vehicle was put into reverse.  So even with the Rearview Backup Camera, it was another safety feature that helps you concentrate when backing out of the driveway or parking lot.




In addition to the comfortable front seats, there was plenty of trunk space so my bags and camera equipment fit well.  However, the back seating is tight for an adult but since my sons and hubby have their own vehicles, it was perfect for me.  The back seats have a 60/40 split fold so if I ever needed more trunk room, this would be a good option to have.







This particular model of the 2018 Hyundai Elantra Eco had many standard features which you can click the link to read more, but with an MRSP of $21,560.00, I think it’s a perfect vehicle for anyone who drives a lot and needs an economical and efficient vehicle with a 5-Star Safety Rating.




Two of my favorite features were the push button start, and there is a key within the fob in case the battery dies and the light on the door handle illuminates at night.  Check out the video below to see more and make sure to leave me a comment as to which feature you liked best.






Thank you Drive Shop for giving me an opportunity to review this 2018 Hyundai Elantra Eco, it was definitely a great vehicle and met my needs perfectly.




Check out this video and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.


Pen Pals to Private Messaging


Pen Pals to Private Messaging


When I attended William B. Ward Elementary School in New Rochelle, NY in the 60’s, I remember we had a teacher that gave us an unusual class assignment.  We had to chose a Pen Pal from another country and write to him or her once a month. I am not sure how we chose the country or the person, but I do remember being excited because I loved to write.

My Pen Pal, was a young girl in Japan, I forget her name, but I will never forget how anxious I was to get her letters because they always included an origami creation.  Something that she made just for me, it could be a flower, or a bird or some other exotic design and I kept them all in a shoe box under my bed.



Unfortunately, other than making paper airplanes or a “Fortune Teller Game” I was never able to create anything as fancy as she, however, I enjoyed writing multiple page letters which makes perfect sense now as to why I am a blogger – I LOVED TO WRITE!




Having a Pen Pal in the 60’s has now evolved into a new meaning in 2018, most teens are connecting via Private Messaging, sending a text or Snapchat.  However, writing and communicating with someone one-on-one can still be fun and even lead to something greater, like writing a book or an eBook like my friend Lisa Bryant did.


If you didn’t have an opportunity to listen to the Podcast interview, please click this link afterward to listen to our conversation about “Journaling for Juniors.”





Since Lisa’s book launch, she has been traveling throughout the state speaking and signing copies of her book “You Are Enough: Keeping it 100 With Yourself.”



Writing, journaling or blogging is not only good for the mind, it is also good for the body and soul.  We live in a world that is in constant change, with thoughts, ideas, news, and nonsense filling our heads on a daily basis.  We all need a way in which to release some of the pressures that may be building in our brains and writing is one of the best ways to do so. 

Not having time, shouldn’t be an excuse and you may be amazed at all that you have in your head, so take some time to make the time to write.  Although you may not write longhand with paper and a pen, start typing your thoughts on a keyboard or dictating them onto your Smartphone and you may find the more you write the better you feel.

If you are interested in learning more about blogging, please head over to my website to schedule a consultation or complete the contact form so we can get you started “Building Your Blog”



Do you find writing helps you release stress?

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