203: Podcasting Pointers for Parents & Kids #203

Podcasting Pointers for Families : Parents and Kids
If you have decided to let your kids/students start a podcast, one of the great topics should include interviewing family members because this will provide them with an opportunity to not only learn more about their family but it will also leave a lasting legacy for those who are interviewed.
Contact your family member – sign up and send Zoom link that they can access via their computer or phone – the computer is better because each can see one another and make it more enjoyable for the family.
Remember to click RECORD to start the interview, pause to break up the interview, stop to end the interview – once the meeting is ended the recording will be downloaded onto your computer in a MP4 format which can be converted to MP3 to be uploaded to your host.
If you are ready to start a family podcast and need some one on one coaching before you begin, send an email to info@ablakeenterprises.com to schedule a 60-Minute Mini Coaching Session for $77.
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