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I was talking to a friend yesterday and when I asked her how she was doing working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, she said that she had “Monkey Brain”

Having never heard that term, I asked her what she meant. She stated that since the quarantine, she has been jumping from one thing to another without really thinking about it, just doing it – not fully focused.

Are you suffering from Monkey Brain?

I have a feeling that she is not the only one with Monkey Brain especially on a Monday; how about you, are you jumping from one task to another without really thinking it through?

I found a website that lists 16 ways to stay focused while working from home but I only wanted to share a few of them because I want you to stay focused on the task at hand and not too much on this blog post.

I hope these tips help you to stay focused and to clear your Monkey Brain so that you can accomplish everything you set out to do this week.

Have a dedicated workspace.

Whether you have a sprawling home office or a nook in your kitchen, it’s important to have a dedicated office. Even urban dwellers with limited square footage should carve out a spot that’s just for work.

Stay off social media.

Is there any rabbit hole more tempting than social media? A quick scroll on Instagram can turn into a major time suck, but there are ways to avoid temptation.

Dress for success.

While there’s no need for a three-piece suit or a pencil skirt and heels when you’re not leaving your home, there’s a happy medium for getting dressed in the morning.

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Set boundaries.

It’s a common misconception that remote work means you’re hardly working. When a friend invites you for a mid-afternoon movie break or a long lunch, it can be tough to get across that you have to put in your hours, too.

Save household chores for later.

It’s tempting to run the dishwasher while you work or take a break to vacuum, but doing so can interrupt your flow and focus.

Create a schedule.

Your calendar should work the way you do. That means if you’re a Type A and love to have every minute planned, go ahead and fill up your day, even penciling in break times. If you’re more of a to-do list follower, write up a game plan and cross things off as you go.

Enjoy breaks.

Figuring out when to take a break and for how long can be tricky. If you take too many, it can feel like you’re getting off track, but too few can actually be counterproductive, since you may be exhausted mid-way through your day.

One that everyone should be taking? A lunch break.

How are you staying focused during the pandemic?

2 thoughts on “Monkey Brain Monday

  1. Have to admit that I do have “monkey brain” right now. I have been working on my blog to distract me from the illnesses in my family due to Covid19. Stay safe my Dear.

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