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5 Tips on How to Eliminate Social Media Stress

It has only been 10 short years since social media exploded on the internet and totally took over our daily lives.  IoT or Internet of Things has connected us with people and products in our homes and all around the world like never before.  


Internet of Things explosion

Social Media has assisted in making our lives more productive, however, no matter how often we check our emails or social media feeds, there is always something new fighting for our attention. 

At the end of the day, like a horror movie, we are scared because we may feel as though we missed out on something important- FOMO.



Think about it, are we living our lives online, not truly enjoying what is happening all around us?  Eagerly sharing everything we see on our social media feeds but not with our loved ones sitting right next to us?  Is it time for us to spend more time offline living and enjoying our family and friends, and less time connected to our virtual world?


If you want to be more productive on Social Media and not have the feeling of FOMO then try these 5 tips to get back on track and connected to your real world.


  1. Read your emails only twice per day, not throughout the day unless you are waiting on an urgent response that is a matter of life or death.  Try to read everything once in the morning and then again a few hours before heading to bed.


  1. Check your Social Media feeds only 3 times daily, not hourly or every 5 minutes.  Post your memes/inspirational messages/blog posts/ articles, images and videos early in the morning then check in mid day or late afternoon and again a few hours before going to bed.  You can respond, like, share or retweet at the end of the day, it is not necessary to do so immediately, your friends won’t mind or probably even notice.


check email in the morning

  1.  Schedule your posts/memes/messages/videos and GIFs the night before using Bufferapp or another online scheduler.  Avoid “tech neck” and “ipad neck” by constantly walking and checking your emails and social media feeds.  Look up, enjoy the view, give thanks for your many blessings.


   4. Snap and Save – take pictures of your food, you with your family or friends having a good time,  but save the upload for later.  Continue enjoying the good times and be in the moment then when you have some down time, upload and share the photos, there is no time limit or mandate as to when you have to share your memories.

sipping wine with your spouse

  1. Stop and take the time to unplug and unwind – whether it’s Sunday morning before church or a Friday evening.  Turn off or turn down the notification sounds on your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer and give yourself permission to decompress, the world won’t stop turning and you will feel a little less stress.



Let’s Chat: What do you do to decompress and eliminate social media stress?

13 thoughts on “5 Tips on How to Eliminate Social Media Stress

  1. Great tips! I do them all… except the email. It’s just too much for twice a day and would take forever. I check twice in the morning, once in the afternoon… weeding out what’s needs to be dealt with, then deal with it at night.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more on social media scheduling. If there’s anything I learned personally, automating your social media content marketing whereas you use a 3rd party app such as Buffer you mentioned will help content creators save time and money. How so? They don’t have to worry about having a designated person to log in manually to individual social networking and social bookmarking accounts to post links from new published content. Social media automation also helps increase ad revenue potential, Pinterest repins, Facebook likes, retweets on Twitter, business opportunities on LinkedIn, and discussions about your content by others in YouTube videos.

    1. Yes, I don’t know where my brain would be without Bufferapp or Hootsuite which I really don’t use anymore. But to schedule a post for later in the day, month or even a year into the future is definitely a timesaver!

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