Franchising: From Food Trucks to Funding Fuel


Franchising, “In business for yourself, but not by yourself” is a common adage used to describe the advantages of franchise ownership. The franchise model investment can help a wannabe business owners become very successful, however, for many young African Americans and Latinos, there is more reluctance in which to do so.

There are a lot of options when it comes to investing your money. You will want to pick something with a good return rate and that is steady.  It is better to put your money into something that will keep generating an income for future use.  This is why franchising is so popular.


As a business structure, a franchise can be an appealing option. With a number of advantages, it is a great choice for those looking to start a new business without the risks associated with going out on their own.  A franchise has the advantage of operating under the banner of an already established business. the brand and the operating techniques are already tried and tested.

As with starting any business, there are advantages and disadvantages; so do your homework, research and take everything into consideration before starting a franchise or any new business.


Podcast Guest, Pedro Moore


My special Podcast guest was Pedro Moore, is the founder of FundingFuel, an online equity crowdfunding platform whose aim is to provide funding opportunities for everyday people by allowing them to invest in franchises.  


Learn why investing in a franchise provides opportunities for multiple streams of incomes as well as residual income for millennials.


Let’s Chat:  What type of franchise would you be willing to invest in?



3 Replies to “Franchising: From Food Trucks to Funding Fuel”

  1. Delaware is by far the best place to incorporate and start a business. If you put your mind to doing great things in business, you can succeed beyond expectation. All that’s required is creativity, effort, and a persistent mindset to achieve in longevity.

    1. Yes, and you will probably remember back in the 80’s when the banking industry was booming; businesses from all over the world were incorporated in Delaware. Times sure have changed but there are still many opportunities in the First State of Delaware.


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