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Millennial Mishaps, Boomer Bloopers & Senior Slip Ups

The question on last Friday’s Facebook Livestream was, “Tell me about a millennial mishap, a boomer blooper or senior slip up that you can recall”.  


Although no one left a comment, I wanted to create this blog post to ask you guys to name a few.  So for today’s Wayback Wednesday, tell me if you or someone you know, (no names please) has had any of these mishaps, bloopers or slip-ups or any others that you are willing to share.




  • gotten out of the shower with shampoo still in your hair?
  • forgot to turn on the oven with your food inside?
  • left the water running?
  • forgot to brush your teeth?
  • forgot to put on deodorant?
  • drove to the wrong location and waited impatiently for your guest to arrive?
  • left an item in or under a shopping cart

  • left your wallet or purse at home and didn’t realize it until you were in the checkout line?
  • left your Smartphone at home? (but went back to get it)
  • had a wardrobe malfunction at work?
  • left clothes in the washer for days?
  • fallen, slipped or tripped while on a date?

how to prevent slipping

Let’s Chat:  Did you have any of these “messed up moments” or others that you are willing to share?

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6 thoughts on “Millennial Mishaps, Boomer Bloopers & Senior Slip Ups

  1. Oh, man!

    Got in the shower with my glasses on,

    Looked for my cell…while talking on it,

    Put bleach in fridge and put milk in laundry room,

    Asked the hubs to pay my cell bill – then tried to pay it myself (why is my balance zero? ? ),

    Read THREE chapters of a book before I realized I’d read it…the week before!

    These are just some of the recent ones – I’m awful! ??

  2. Forgot to put on deodorant. . . .more than a few times.
    Searched for my eyeglasses only to find them on my head. . . .many times.
    Left an item under the shopping cart . . .more than a few times.
    Left my money at home and out at the store. . . about 4 times.
    Left my food in the microwave. . . many times.

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