A Room With A View – Another Advantage of Working From Home

Here it is, almost the end of May and working from home is flying by quicker than when I was working in an office.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t miss the commute up and down 95 and Route 202, getting stuck in rush hour traffic…watching the same buildings, road signs and markers.

Another advantage of working from home is that now the view is much better.  Now when I head into the kitchen for a second cup of coffee this is what I see…


Middletown, Delaware April 2018



No more tops of buildings, parking lots, streets and cars, just Mother Nature at it’s finest and my neighbor’s horses across the road.




Let’s Chat > What is your favorite “room with a view”?

15 thoughts on “A Room With A View – Another Advantage of Working From Home

  1. I have always loved the opportunity to work from home and now I am on my second career as an artist I can do that every day. Nothing quite like looking up from the computer screen and taking in the view – in my case olive groves and a beautiful view down the valley towards Lake Trasimeno in Umbria, Italy.

    1. Oh Dorothy, what a blessing, so glad that you too are on your second career and have such a wonderful view in which to do so! Stay blessed sis.

  2. I love your view! There’s nothing like working hard in your office, sipping on a cup of coffee and seeing your own property out the window! I love to see the lake and palm trees behind my home 🙂

  3. What a great view. I have never heard anyone who is happy, talk about missing their commute. Sure sometimes it unwinds you and gives you opportunity to talk on the phone or listen to a book on tape but weigh that with not having a commute, doesn’t come close, never mind a view from home!

    1. I know I had talked about listening to books on tape, however, the traffic back and forth to work for 3 hours every day was never pleasant and I don’t miss it one bit!!

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