Academic Excellence & Extracurricular Actitivites

After-school activities present opportunities for your children to develop their goal-setting skills. Most extracurricular activities involve reaching or achieving a goal, whether it be the lead actor in the school play, winning the state championship or coming in first place in the science fair. As a result, these activities help encourage students to work toward achieving those goals, while having fun at the same time.

Another benefit to after-school activities is academic excellence and we will talk about the 8 reasons to get your children involved and why it’s well worth the effort.


Special Guest, Mark Sills, Founder of Urban Youth, Inc.


My Podcast special guest was Mark Sills, founder of Urban Youth, Inc., which is celebrating its 20th year.  Mark is the son of former Wilmington Mayor, Jim Sills and is an alumnus of the H. Fletcher Brown Boys and Girls Club who has been working with our youth for many years with amazing results.  

Mark and his company, Urban Youth, Inc. have received many awards from the Wilmington City Council and local civic groups for their work with Wilmington youth, inclusive of helping many to get into college and receiving college academic and athletic scholarships.  

Listen to the interview with Mark Sills.



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