Sleeping In on the Weekends

Sleeping in on the Weekends – Yay!


Twenty-five years ago I was pregnant with our first son, even though I only carried him for 29 weeks I had difficulty sleeping during those six months and definitely for many years later.


My husband hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in in years.


Having a premature baby with many medical issues and concerns – spending days, weeks and months in and out of the hospital you never get a good night’s sleep and then three years later, another son arrived in the world.


premature baby


Early morning feeds and diaper changes turned into early morning school bus pickups and early morning T-Ball and Soccer practice on the weekends.


Years later standing at the head of the driveway watching them drive to school or out for the evening with friends turned into sleepless nights until I heard the security door chime signaling their safe return.


family photos from the 90s


Too many early morning wake ups.


25 years later….



Waking Up Late on the Weekends – YAY


Sleeping in on the Weekends – YES!!!


Our oldest, the 29-week preemie is working a part-time job at Home Depot and sets his alarm clock so there is no prompting from me.


Our youngest is away at college far from home and has a time schedule of his own.


I now wake up late on the weekends – YAY!!!!


Let’s Chat:  Do you get to sleep in on the weekends?

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  1. Hey mama I had to google you because for some reason I don’t get your posts anymore. I love sleeping in best part of kids getting older for sure. I’m going to sign up for your emails again hopefully I’ll be added with no problems xo.


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