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Keeping content on your blog fresh is important, so make sure that you are posting at least 2 to 3 times a week and try to create new content on other platforms as well, whether it’s Facebook Live, a YouTube Video or Anchor FM Podcast.

Use the various Social Media networking sites to share the links to your new and old blog posts. Use a scheduler such as Bufferapp, Hootsuite or PromoRepublic so that you don’t have to sit at your computer all day everyday.

Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners
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Daily Social Media Tips


  • Tweet articles from others, especially those in your niche.
  • Following new people is a great way to start relationships and discover new blogs. Follow 10 new people a day, a good way to do this is to check out who people in your niche are following and follow them as well.
  • Make sure to tweet out links to your blog posts, tweet as soon as they’re published or schedule them to tweet out at peak times.
  • Respond to any tweets and direct messages.
  • Schedule new posts and 2 old posts.
  • Check trending topics and tweet with relevant hashtags.
  • Tag a brand with a hashtag or mention.


  • On Facebook to get the engagement going, ask a question or create a poll.
  • Share images related to your blog and niche and add mini videos as well – remember, people like movement!
  • Upload links to your current blog posts and don’t forget to include those old posts which may still be relevant.
  • Reply to comments and messages – good, bad and ugly.
  • Comment and share other blogger’s posts to your page.
  • Tag a brand using a hashtag or mention.


  • Pin or Repin about 5 to 10 images from your favorite blog posts/articles of the day.
  • Make sure that all your blog posts have pinnable images.
  • Pin your own content. High use times on Pinterest are mornings and weekends.
  • Pin new blog posts to 5 group boards.
  • Pin 5 old posts to 5 different boards.
  • Follow 5 pinners in your niche.


  • Reply to comments and direct messages.
  • Post new image with keywords.
  • Like 10 images by others.
  • Comment on 3 images by others – give your 2 cents.
  • Follow 5 new grammers in your niche.


  • Check and respond to emails from PR agencies and others who may wish to write articles for your blog. Make is easy by creating a template to copy and paste for stock email responses.
  • Send emails to contacts you have made at any networking events and share the link to your blog with a request for them to subscribe.

Stay Organized

  • Keep an updated list of blog posts ideas either on your phone or in a notebook or paper planner.
  • Create Google alerts for keywords and phrases within your niche. This is a great way to discover new blog post ideas.
  • Sign up for Quora and answer questions which may be in your wheel house for more exposure and to share your level of expertise.
  • Create and update an income and expense tracker for your blog to track all income and and money spent on your blog. This definitely comes in handy and helps you prepare for tax season.
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9 thoughts on “Blogging & Social Media Sharing Tips

    1. Yes, I am going to leave myself a reminder to do so. I did, however, clean up my boards and got rid of the too many that I had with only a few pins in them.

      Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  1. Never knew about the social sharing site promo Republic. I render on Amazon Alexa United States traffic rank and are doing very well in search engines and getting steady streams of organic traffic. Perhaps I’ll do a little bit more research on the company momentarily and put something on the website about them. Thank you for mentioning them. 🙂

    1. Woohooo…congratulations on the Google ranking! I started using Promo Republic because it provides a lot of content which is always helpful when my brain won’t work!

  2. Typo. Render should’ve been “ranked.” The speech recognition program sometimes spits took typographical errors. LOL

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