building blog traffic

Building Blog Traffic

Wow, I can’t believe that this is Part 3 of 10 Traffic Hacks or Building Blog Traffic which I talked about in Episodes #42 & 43 on the Blog Your Way to a Business Profit Podcast.

We all know that there are many more than 30, and it is my hope that you will leave a comment so that I can shout you out on my next episode, because, “Sharing is Caring!”

Blog Your Way to a Business Profit Podcast

Building Blog Traffic

  • 1. Share Your Posts More Often – when using social sites such as Twitter, Linkedin and even Pinterest, you can re-share your content multiple times because statistically a small percentage of your followers will notice it.  Not just one Tweet, Post or Pin is going to bring a ton of traffic, but when you multiply that it can add up to a lot more traffic.
  • 2. Interview other bloggers – if you are an active member in a forum or community as I suggested in the last episode, why not ask to interview some of the other members?  Blogging success is about building connections and interviews are a great way to connect with more established and influential bloggers.  Most bloggers feel honored to be asked and will help you to spread your blog post with their followers once the article is published.
  • 3. Curate Content – sharing is caring but stealing is not, however, you can create content based on current events in your industry or niche by curating content from articles, newspapers, social media and then link back to the original content for even more exposure.  Again, using your connections with other bloggers you can share their content with link backs so that they will share your posts with their followers.
  • 4. Better Titles – The headlines are what’s going to attract the most attention to your blog.  Remember, when I talked about those rag mags on the supermarket shelves with titles that are titillating and makes you curious about reading the entire article.  You should do the same, a suggestion is to write the article first and then give it a title – make sure to use the Yoast plugins to help with your titles.  The most effective blog titles are the ones that are captivating, SEO keyword-friendly, and capable of providing value to your marketing target audience and addressing their pain-points.
  • 5. Share Share Share – not only should you promote your blog posts on your own website but share on other sites as well like Medium and Linkedin.  By resharing your Evergreen content on various platforms it is giving you an opportunity to get fresh eyes on your posts.
  • 6. Activate with other blogs – Many new bloggers make the mistake of being an island, which is a big mistake.  You may be busy churning out new content for your own blog and fail to read others and like, comment, reshare and follow – don’t make that mistake – remember you have to get off the island and venture around the blogosphere.  It will also help you get more ideas to post about.
  • 7. Ask for Feedback – regardless of where you share, make sure to always include a CTA and ask for feedback.  Ask your readers an open ended question, ask them if they want more information about a particular subject, event or idea, build a better relationship with your readers…and when you do…
  • 8. Acknowledge the reader’s feedback – give your readers a special shout out or offer them something in exchange, i.e a Gift Card – yes, it might sound like bribery but it’s actually helping you to grow your audience.
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  • 9. H.A.R.O – Help a Reporter Out – this is just one of many sites that are looking for freelance writers, so as you are growing your own blog you can also contribute to other popular sites so that people have an opportunity to read your articles and then find even more on your own blog.
  • 10. Vlog/Podcast with a Purpose – turn your written content into audio with a podcast or a video on YouTube – you probably have more content then you know what to do with and you may find talking about it easier than always writing about it, or you may want to expand on a particular topic, so why not use other forms of medium to do it?
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So I hope that these past 3 posts have been helpful in providing traffic hacks to increase your audience. Make sure to follow the Blog Your Way to a Business Profile podcast but also to share it with your family friends and followers!

If I have provided you with any information that was of interest, please leave a comment or a review and remember my book, Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners is available, so order your copy today.

Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners

2 thoughts on “Building Blog Traffic

  1. Another post to save for the rest of this year!

    Have you ever tried Coschedule Headline Analyzer? I like it. I don’t always use it, but I like it. I also liked CoSchedule for scheduling social media for my posts. I just can’t justify the current price for my blog right now. But, it was nice too.

    1. No, I haven’t tried it but will check it out as I am always looking for ways to improve my posts and increase traffic – thank you for sharing!

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