Shayna Jones podcast interview

Bringing Black History and Cultural Vibes to Comic Book Creation

Listen to learn how Shayna Jones uses her background and experience at an HBCU to create her comic book series “Haymer University” and how you can support.

In this recent episode of “Out & About with Antionette,” I sat sat down with Shayna Jones, an HBCU graduate of Delaware State University, who is making waves with her creative endeavors. Shayna is the brains behind “Nine Acres and a Vibe,” a content creation and writing company, and she shared her inspiring journey and upcoming project, Hamer University. In this blog post, we dive deeper into Shayna’s background, her creative influences, and her mission to bring cultural heritage and black history to life through her innovative comic book series.

Discovering a Passion for Mass Communication and Writing:

Shayna revealed that her path into Mass Communication and writing was not a linear one. Graduating from Delaware State University in 2013, Shayna initially set out to pursue audio production but found a different calling when she discovered TV production. It was during this time that her love for creating and producing media content flourished. Her passion for writing, however, extends back to her grade school years, where she discovered the joy of storytelling through writing prompts. This early exposure paved the way for her to become a gifted storyteller and content creator.


Unveiling Haymer University:

Shayna introduced listeners to her upcoming project, Haymer University. As an HBCU, Haymer University is a fictional creation that aims to showcase the uniqueness of historically black colleges and universities. Shayna shared her personal experience of applying to an HBCU without fully understanding the cultural significance. This pivotal moment in her life became the inspiration for her comic book series, which aims to highlight the atmosphere, culture, and everyday experiences within an HBCU setting. The first installment, focusing on move-in day, promises to offer readers an immersive and relatable experience.


Let’s show our support for Shayna and her incredible initiative. Share this blog post / podcast, spread the word, and let’s help bring “Haymer University” to life. Together, let’s make history and support the representation of diverse voices in the world of comics! 🎉📚✍️ #SupportLocalArt #RepresentationMatters


Shayna Jones, Content Creator


The Intersection of Writing and Illustration:

One of the most intriguing aspects of Shayna’s project is her collaboration with an illustrator. While she initially envisioned the series as a cartoon, the cost proved to be a significant barrier. Embracing the challenge, Shayna pivoted to creating a comic book and subsequently found an illustrator to bring her vision to life. Through this collaboration, Shayna has found a newfound passion for illustration and lettering, showcasing the diverse skill set required for her ambitious project.


Engaging the Audience: Donation and Support:

Shayna opened up about her current phase of accepting donations to support the production of Haymer University. She has curated various donation packages, offering incentives ranging from digital copies of the comic to the opportunity for donors to be involved in the creative process. Shayna’s call for support extends beyond financial contributions, stressing the value of sharing her message and amplifying her project. By involving supporters in the creative journey, Shayna aims to foster a sense of community and ownership, inviting individuals to become a part of a groundbreaking artistic venture.


Words of Wisdom: Perfection and Completion:

As the conversation drew to a close, Shayna shared a poignant mantra that has guided her creative process: “Perfection is the enemy of completion.” This insight illuminates the struggles many artists face in their pursuit of perfection, often hindering their ability to finish and share their work. Shayna’s philosophy encourages fellow creators to embrace their imperfections and focus on the beauty of their creations, even when they may not align with their initial vision.


Shayna Jones’ innovative project, Haymer University, is a testament to her dedication to celebrating cultural heritage and uplifting underrepresented narratives. Her journey from a passionate HBCU graduate to a visionary content creator underscores the power of storytelling as a vehicle for social impact and cultural preservation. As the support for Haymer University continues to grow, Shayna’s story stands as an inspiration for aspiring creators and advocates of diversity in media.

In our spirited and engaging conversation, Shayna and I illuminated the potential for arts and storytelling to revolutionize the portrayal of historical and cultural narratives. The fusion of history, creativity, and advocacy embedded in Haymer University reflects the transformative power of creative expression. As Shayna’s vision continues to unfold, her work stands as a testament to the enduring influence of personal experiences and the unyielding commitment to empower communities through art.

Let’s show our support for Shayna and her incredible initiative. Share this blog post, spread the word, and let’s help bring “Haymer University” to life. Together, let’s make history and support the representation of diverse voices in the world of comics! 🎉📚✍️ #SupportLocalArt #RepresentationMatters

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