Personality of a Podcast

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In this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I talked about just a few ways in which you can use your words to literally change the world!

As I have always stated in my Podcasting Your Purpose presentations as well as in my 5-Week Coaching Sessions, “you can literally change someone’s life with your voice”.

However, in order to do so, there are several personality traits that should be used and below are just a few of them.

Personality of a Podcast
  • H2H engagement; make your show conversational in a human to human manner
  • Be genuine in your emotions. You may have to use the “mirror trick” because what you see on the outside will shine through from the inside
  • Be Powerful Yet Passionate
  • Climate Conditions – where are you recording from and how are you feeling?  
  • Speak with enthusiasm
  • Create meaningful stories on a particular subject matter
  • Who / Where / What – give details if necessary and of course include a CTA
  • Be Relevant / Authentic / Genuine – not a condescending with a know it all attitude
  • TMI – no information overload – do not pack in a lot of data. You can always re-purpose your content or create a series 
  • Touch your listener emotionally
  • Guide or provide a helping hand to your listeners
  • Clarity – speak with a clear voice and eliminate any distracting background noise

Click this link to listen to the episode as you will want to ensure that you have these Key Takeaways:

  • Be engaged in the beginning with a catchy episode title and be straight to the point about your topic.
  • Be conversational with your personality : do not use someone else’s voice.
  • Be consistent in rituals including the same greeting which should be  short and simple and solidifies the brand – sense of comfort.
  • Show should include a clear beginning/intro, topic of interest and promise of value, CTA and outro.

Podcasting is still a marketing tool, not only for your business but for your brand as well, so these are just a few things that can turn your podcasting journey into one that is not only rewarding to yourself, but to others as well.  

As I stated in a previous podcast, Creating a Binge Listening Podcast the personality of a podcast can be the catalyst that makes someone want to binge listen to all of your episodes.

So if there is anything that you heard in this episode that you wish to share or has helped you, please feel free to do so and leave a review so that others can get this information as well.

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