DelBlogger Podcast interview with Nathan Jacobs

DelBlogger Podcast #101 Interview with Nathan “The Muzaholic” Jacobs

Sunday I finally had an opportunity to interview one of the baddest Drummers in the state of Delaware, despite the fact he is a transplant from Chester, PA – it was nothing but love!

Nathan "The Muzaholic" Jacobs Podcast interview
Nathan “The Muzaholic” Jacobs

I actually had an opportunity to meet Nathan back in November at the release of his album, “Look Forward” at Ken Del Studio. He along with his wife and fellow musicians provided an unforgettable evening that both hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed.

Gregory and Antionette Blake at Album Release Party November 2018

Nathan” The Muzaholic” Jacobs is a well versed drummer on several styles of music such as Gospel, Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk, Rock and Blues. He can’t really remember when he started playing drums. Those who know him say it’s as if he came out of the womb with drum sticks in his hand. At the age of 11, Nathan played for the well known plays, The Great White Throne Judgment and One Bright Hope. He was also introduced to gospel music by his mother, the church organist at that time. Nathan served as the church’s drummer and learned to play skillfully.

While attending Chester High School and participating in the marching band, jazz ensemble and concert/gospel choirs, his eyes were opened to the diverse aspects of music. He won several awards and scholarship opportunities for his talents. While attending Lincoln University he traveled the states and Paris as part of the Lincoln University Jazz Ensemble. He also studied Music and was a participant in the well known Concert Choir. He has also recorded with The Drexel University Gospel Choir, Aniya Jazz, Christian comedian Stan “The Man” Jacobs and his own band, the Muzaholics. Nathan has also appeared on the big screen in the movie “Changing The Game” and produced a song for the Independent film titled “Found”.

DelBlogger Podcast interview with Nathan Jacobs
DelBlogger Podcast Interview with Nathan Jacobs

Nathan started his production and songwriting journey with Gilbert Hamm and Jason Henderson as part of Isaiah Entertainment Group. Working with these dynamic men allowed Nathan to broaden his horizons and develop a strong desire to write and produce music for artists, movies and plays. He is the leader of the Muzaholics, a diverse band who performs several genres of music and has released of the singles, ” You Are the Son” and “Lady.”  

On November 30, 2018, Nathan celebrated the release of his first full album entitled, “Look Forward.”  

Along with his wife, Shawnique , he heads the Production Company/Record Label NaijaShawnProduction, LLCs.

Find and follow Nathan on all his social media platforms and you can see him live in April in Philadelphia.

NathanJacobsMusic – Instagram

YouTube Channel : Nathan Jacobs Music

4/18 – Warmdaddy’s 1400 S Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19147 7 PM email him for tickets @ [email protected]

4/26 – Our House Culture Center Jazz Salon6380 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19144 – 7 PM Free- Limited Seating

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