Build Your Brand & Business with a Blog not on a FREE Social Media Platform

Build Your Brand & Business with a Blog not on a FREE Social Media Platform

Last week when Facebook and Instagram were unavailable for several hours many people lost their ever-loving social media minds! They were unable to connect virtually with their family, friends and followers via these FREE Social Media Platforms.

According to USA Today the outages that occurred last Wednesday afternoon were in areas within the U.S., Europe, South America, and Asia. Though many people could still access the platforms, key features, such as messaging and new content posts weren’t loading properly with error messages.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, responded to the outages via Twitter stating that the company was working to fix the issue but it did not give any indication as to when the features would be restored.

#FacebookDown was the trending hashtag as many took to Twitter to spread conspiracy theories about Russian hackers, but finally Facebook stated, that the “Outage was due to ‘Server Configuration Change'”


However, if you had a blog with an active email list of subscribers there was no need to panic. True, we were unable to share the links to our blog posts via Facebook and Instagram for several hours, but that did not affect our ability to share our blog posts with our readers.


The Facebook and Instagram outage was yet just further confirmation of what I have been telling my clients, “do not build your brand or business solely on FREE social media platforms, instead use them to drive traffic to your website, blog or brick and mortar store”.

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Don’t let the next Facebook, Instagram or Twitter outage affect your connection with clients, customers and followers – Build Your Brand & Business with a Blog not on a FREE Social Media Platform.

4 thoughts on “Build Your Brand & Business with a Blog not on a FREE Social Media Platform

  1. Ahhh ha! You’ve possibly been reading DNN I see. While social media is a great place to amplify thy voice, using a free service just won’t cut the mustard if one is looking to increase their side hustle millionaire $ gUaP $ potential., Tumblr, Six Apart LiveJournal, nor Blogger will help anyone earn that 5 to 6 figure monthly residual potential. If a person tryly desire to be a “side hustle millionaire,” they have to have their site hosted on a dedicated server and employ a daily “evergreen content marketing” strategy @ least 5 days a week for 2-3 years to benefit from organic SEO and passive traffic & $ gUaP $.

    BTW…back on Facebook again. Tried to friend request you but your friend invite is turned off. Talk soon! 🙂

    1. You know that I always learn from the best, thank you for sharing all your knowledge and information.

      Sorry that you’re not able to follow me on Facebook not sure what the problem is but try to follow me at DelBlogger or A.BlakeEnterprises and let me know if you can or cannot have a great Monday.

  2. Love the new look of the blog Sis. I’m all about the blog life and love blogging as a hobby. Maybe one day things will change, you never know. Enjoy Spring!

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