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Don’t Quit Your DayDream – OOTD

Some of you may remember when I received this mug from my then podcast producer Chevy Johnson when I hosted “Social Media Sunday with the Delaware Blogger” back in 2017.

I actually kept it wrapped in my home office when we lived in Middletown, but have since unwrapped and begun to use it in our new home here in Smryna.

Don’t Quit Your DayDream is a great motto and with most of us working from home, I have decided to put a little lifestyle fun back into my blog with timely topics such as food, fashion, fun, finance and family – which was the niche of the blog.

So today, I am featuring an OOTD; casual leggings purchased from Amazon, along with an Activewear Top on clearance from Walmart for only $2.00, and a pair of Ballerina Flats from my closet which is full of shoes that have yet seen the light of day since the COVID19 pandemic shutdown.

OOTD Leggings from Amazon

You may have noticed that I’ve also gained a few pounds since the last OOTD post so I am trying to eat less and walk more because it’s not healthy to have excess weight as you age, especially as a Type 2 Diabetic.

How are you guys doing during the pandemic? Have you learned any new skills or made any home improvements?

Speaking of home improvements, next month it will officially be a year since we moved into our “Forever Home” and I am loving that it’s smaller so I have less to clean which may also be a reason that I am not as active as I used to be!

Photo Snow Globes 392x72 banner 1

So what are your plans for the Thanksgiving Holiday? I know it’s not going to be the way it used to be, but each day that we rise, we should be thankful and grateful!

Full Disclosure: if you click a link to make a purchase of any of these products, it won’t add anything to your cost, it will however, keep my coffee cup full!

Delaware Blogger in Smyrna
Have an awesome Autumn weekend!

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