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Encore Entrepreneurship – The Time is Now

Are you ready to pivot from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur?

The freedom from not having to work a 9-5 is amazing, I am no longer tied to a cubicle and a clock; reporting to a supervisor who approved the time I could take a vacation, approved the time I could arrive and leave the office or even how long I could take to eat my lunch.  

My journey into Encore Entrepreneurship was pre-COVID19, which actually began after a layoff in 2015. So for more than 5 years, I have been working from a home office and traveling only when necessary – which these days is mostly to the grocery store or to the post office to mail out copies of my Basic Blogging Tips for Beginners book and Podcasting Your Purpose Resource Guide bundles.

Blog Your Way to a Business Profit and Podcasting Your Purpose Resource Guide

When I first started ABlake Enterprises it was more of a hobby than a jobby but now that it’s a business, and I am officially considered an Encore Entrepreneur whose time is now!

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Encore Entrepreneurship – The Time is Now

On Monday, I had a conversation with a fellow female entrepreneur who isn’t yet quite an “encore entrepreneur” which by definition is anyone over the age of 50 who have started a business and I was telling her, how much fun I was having teaching others how to start a blog and a podcast.

Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching Flyer for September

She was impressed with not only about the decision to start a business after the age of 50, but just how much knowledge that I was sharing with others. I explained to her, that we all have a mission and a purpose in life and I was simply fulfilling mine.

As I talked about in last week’s podcast episode, Podcasting in Your Prime – This is Your Time, I truly believe that there are many folks out there that have been thinking about starting a business after the age of 50 so if you are remember that with Encore Entrepreneurship – The Time is Now!

Once you have determined your mission and your vision, then you must then take action and now with this COVID19 pandemic, you have been given an opportunity in which to do just that!

If you are thinking about turning a passion into a profit, especially if it including marketing via a podcast, please send an email to [email protected] to schedule a 30-Minute Complimentary Discovery Call so that I can provide some coaching assistance.

Let’s Chat > Are you ready to pivot from being an employee working a 9-5 to becoming an encore entrepreneur?

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