Faith & Fitness Podcast Interview with Lynette Oliver

Faith and Fitness Podcast with Lynette Oliver by Antionette Blake, the Delaware Blogger

Okay, here we are in 2019, it’s a new year, a new beginning and for many it’s a chance to start fresh or anew…a do-over so to speak.  Some have made a resolution to do something differently or perhaps a decision to make a change for better.

They may have resolved to save more and spend less, exercise more and eat less, spend more time with family and friends and less time with electronic devices and Artificial Intelligence.  However, on average, most new year resolutions are broken before the end of January, in less than 24 days.

Oftentimes, if we have an accountability partner it can help, but what has helped others even more is faith and prayer.  This evening’s guest is Lynette Oliver, a friend and faith leader of “Worth the Weight” which is a weight loss support group that meets at the Route 9 Library in Wilmington, DE.

So if you are interested in learning more about Lynette and how her faith led to fitness with a weight loss of 163 lbs, then click this link to listen.

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Having been featured in SELF Magazine (May 2005 issue) for her weight loss story, Lynette Oliver is a self-proclaimed weight loss expert of sorts having lost over 100 pounds on four separate occasions, with her most recent weight loss at a grand total of 163 pounds.

If she doesn’t know anything else, she can share some tips and tricks on how to lose weight. But her most recent weight loss was different … this time she says it was all God and His specific instructions that made all the difference for her and this time she is armed with the know-how not to have to travel the road to weight loss ever again.

Lynette was 308 lbs and is now 145 lbs.

Lynette is a mother of two grown children, a son and a daughter, both of them married and with families of their own. Both her son and daughter have given her a total of three grandchildren between the two of them, which were her motivation to lose the weight for good this time. A seamstress with more than 40 years of experience, a sewing instructor for more than 20 years and an all-around crafter, Lynette makes her own clothes, jewelry, accessories and greeting cards for herself as well as offers them for sale on her website:

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She also sells her creations at local and regional craft shows as well as festivals in her spare time. Most recently, Lynette has launched a weight loss support group, Worth the Weight, that meets on the first Saturday of the month at the Route 9 Library and Innovation Center in Wilmington, DE. There she shares her testimony, along with insight and support, for those interested in losing weight.

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