1. Quit feeling sorry for yourself.

2. Get a written specific goal for your life.

3. Make a list of all your personal assets (write down what you don’t like about yourself).

Burn the above list when finished.

4. Make a List of all Your Personal Assets (Write down what you like about yourself: accomplishments, awards, jobs, etc.

Read the above list 3 times a day for 21 days!

5. Plan to have a good day every single day.

How to Have a Good Day:

  • Put alarm clock across room
  • Sing in the shower
  • Read something informational, inspirational and uplifting once a day

6. Listen to inspirational tapes.

7. Be careful who you run with.

I found these 7 Steps to Change Yourself typed on a piece of paper that was in my sister’s belongings from 1992…some things never change!

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