Tips on Creating a Facebook Business Page

Social Media for Business – Tips on Creating a Facebook Business Page


The other day I was having a telephone conversation with my cousin, well actually, it was more of a client consultationAnywho, my cousin, who is 29 years old and a new business owner needed some advice on branding. 

She wanted to know how to best transition and position herself on social media, shifting from posting silly stuff on her personal page to posting more serious stuff on her business page


The first thing I told her was, as much as she may want to totally separate her personal brand from her professional brand that it was going to be difficult, however, pivoting from posting the silly stuff to the serious stuff wouldn’t be as difficult. 

Another concern she had was, how would her friends and followers on her personal page react when they saw the serious stuff on her business page?  I advised her not to worry about what her friends thought, after all, this was business…don’t take it personally. 


Considering her service and product line, it was something that they would eventually need so they would be checking out her page or referring others to it as well.




One of the best things that Mark Zuckerberg did was open up Facebook to business pages, providing a social networking platform where we could promote our products and services without having to navigate through our friend’s posts which include parties, funerals, first dates and much much more, sometimes too much more (TMI PEOPLE TMI). 

Creating a Facebook Business Page allows you to somewhat separate your personal posts from your professional posts, however, you cannot truly separate the two, just ask anyone who may have lost their jobs or had their business reputation tarnished after ranting on their personal page. 


However, now that Mark has changed the algorithms, trying to make Facebook more engaging and fun, there are changes that business owners will need to make in order for their followers to continue seeing their content in their newsfeed.




I advised her to follow these 10 steps when first creating and posting to her Facebook Business page.


  1. Add a great cover photo and recognizable profile picture or logo
  2. Optimize the “About” section — especially the preview.
  3. Choose a Call-to-Action button.
  4. Create a business Page, not a personal profile, include location and hours of operation, etc.
  5. Create custom page tabs.
  6. Post at the best times for your audience – using the Insights Tab
  7. Post your best blog or website content.
  8. Post your best visual content including videos, especially live videos – behind the scenes or DIY
  9. Schedule some posts in advance – use Bufferapp/Hootsuite
  10. Add Facebook social media buttons to your blog/website, business cards and all printed materials



For more tips on creating content for your Facebook business page, please send an email to [email protected] or click this link for a FREE printable.



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