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Have you ever had an opportunity to talk to 9 groups of 6th, 7th and 8th graders in 10 minute blocks about podcasting and narrowing their niche?


Well, that’s exactly what I did recently at Gateway Charter School for their 2023 Career Day.  It was an experience that was exhausting but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and you can check out a few pics on my social media pages.  


Presenting at a middle school in Delaware


So for this episode of the Delaware Blogger podcast, I wanted to piggyback on the topic of narrowing your niche and also share some popular niches that you can use when starting a podcast.  


As I explained to the students, when they are thinking about choosing a topic or niche, to ensure that it is one that they enjoy talking about it as they will be talking about it week after week, month after month and hopefully year after year.


I asked several students to share their topics of interest and the answers ranged from gaming to rappers, murder mysteries and even cucumbers, yes cucumbers. The student said that she loved cucumbers and as someone who is always looking for salad recipes, I told her that I would listen to her show but I think she was just teasing, but there are podcasts on foods, including veggies.


salad bowl


So if you are thinking about starting a podcast and haven’t narrowed your niche or are still thinking about your topic, narrowing your niche in podcasting can help you create a more focused and successful podcast. It allows you to target a specific audience, create content that resonates with them, and build a loyal following.

These are just a few niche topics for you to think about.


Personal Finance is a great topic especially for today’s youth.  It’s never too early to start thinking about saving for retirement especially when first starting a job or after being with the same one for a few years. I know they’re into Crypto Currency and NIL is all the rage, but basic savings is a vital topic for everyone.  Basic financial knowledge is important, topics can range from budgeting to balancing your account, which my son is very good at doing.


Investments is another great topic, and can be a more narrowed focus as part of the personal finance topic.  Talking about how to invest which is something that I wish that I knew when I was younger.  I definitely would have purchased stock in Apple and Microsoft and many others and I would not have sold my stock in McDonalds and Disney.  


Speaking of personal finances, boy oh boy, I’ve got stories that I could tell you. I graduated from Delaware State College in 1983 with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and also with lots of credit card debt. So how to get out of debt and stay out of debt and how to save money is a great topic for college students!  You could actually roll those 3 topics together, personal financing, investing and getting out of debt all-in-one podcast.


DIY and being frugal Did you know thrifting was the premise for my 1st blog – Fashion and Fun after 50.  So how about creating a podcast about  thrifting? It’s a great way of not only sharing how to thrift or how to consign but also what to look for when doing so and how to parlay it into resale income on Etsy or ThredUp.


Another great niche for a podcast is of course entrepreneurship.  Entrepreneurship is a wonderful niche and a very popular topic.  You can literally talk about everything from starting a business to growing a business and it could be whatever kind of business you may be interested in.  You can talk about the things that you should do and the things you shouldn’t do.


Another great niche is Real Estate. I’ve interviewed many realtors on “Out & About with Antionette” podcast and they have dropped so great nuggets and gems.  So if you’re a realtor, a podcast would be perfect to add to your marketing tool kit because you can teach people about the ins & outs of purchasing. Especially to those who are working on their personal finances and are budgeting for purchasing a home.  You can also share tips on how to flip a house; the scams that you need to be aware of; what to look for when it’s your 1st home; reselling and renting. There are just so many topics that you can talk about when it comes to real estate.


Travel is another great topic and you can niche it down to family travel; solo travel; traveling with kids; traveling with friends or traveling by yourself. Traveling with AI is becoming popular and you can talk about specific parts of the world whether it’s North America, South America or Africa. Anywhere that you have visited even in your local town, city or state. You can talk about exciting things to do in those areas and even if you like to cruise or backpacking or hiking.  


If you watch SNL, then you would have seen the skit last Saturday night as they did a spoof skit about places to eat if you live in New York but the guys didn’t want to eat the authentic foods, check it out, it was funny!


City guides would also be a great podcast, whether in cities in California, Atlanta or New York there are a lot of exciting places to visit in major cities and if you happen to live in one, that’s even better.


These are topics and niches that you can narrow down if you are thinking about starting your podcast. I’m not even gonna tell you some of the other topics that the students came up with, but believe me they were great, some even included fashion, natural hair and martial arts, oh they came up with a bunch.


You can even start a podcast with your family or friends.  You can talk about family, babies and kids during different stages of their lives. I remember traveling with my son’s and making sure to bring certain items when we traveled to Disney; what not to pack, how to dress and how not to dress, I remember the first time we over dressed our sons!


Family friendly activities and if you’re a parent of twins or triplets that’s another great topic, also topics like home schooling and blended families are great. 




two guys and a podcast mic and headphones



Technology | AI | Laptops | Virtual Reality and of course Video Games are also all very popular. 


Food is another great niche for everyone, whether it is restaurant reviews, cooking at home, Vegan food, Halal food; specific foods from around the world; batch cooking family meals or cooking for one.  Actually you may want to talk about one specific food like cucumbers which is what one of the students suggested, I don’t know how many episodes you could actually record about cucumbers. 


Personal Development; Time Management, Mental Health, Self Care, dating, relationships, married life, divorced life.  Healthy habits like routine sleep and supplements are all great niches when it comes to health and wellness and personal development.  


Another set of topics that you might want to think about is eCommerce and making money online. Oh and product reviews too! Yes, product reviews are wonderful as people rely on them before making purchases online whether it’s from Amazon or AliExpress and you can earn with affiliate links.


Freelancing and side gigging, everything from DoorDash to Uber Eats, there are so many things you can niche down to Uber, Lyft, planes, trains and automobiles.


When it comes to health and wellness you can share professional advice from doctors on topics such as weight loss supplements and Diabetes.  I am a Type 2  Diabetic so I’ll read and listen to anything that has to do with diabetes.  Did you know that more than 10% of the US population has some form of diabetes, pre-diabetic, Type 1 and Type 2, so that’s a big big niche. 


Getting healthy…quitting smoking…nutrition…yoga…fitness after 50 are more great topics and ones that can be niched down.


Active lifestyles and sports, boating, sailing, jogging or even dog training. There are just so many topics out there that I am sure you are passionate about,  However, no matter which you choose, make sure to narrow your niche to reach a targeted audience of loyal listeners that will tune in week after week, month after month and year after year just as you do with the Delaware Blogger podcast.


Thank you again for reading my blog posts and listening to my podcast shows and if you have found anything that is of interest to you, please share the link with others and make sure to tune in every Saturday at 10 am for another episode of the Delaware Blogger podcast.


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