How Long Should a Podcast Episode Be?


Does the length of a podcast matter?  How long should a podcast episode be?


This has been such a frequently asked question, that I decided to address it again in this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast.

Once you have decided to start a podcast; you’ve chosen a title, topic, your description and may even have your equipment and are ready to get into the closet to start recording.

However, one of the biggest questions you may have before hitting the record button is, “how long should my podcast episode be?”  How long should I be talking….5 mins…15 mins…30 minutes or even 60 minutes?

Pre-COVID, when podcasting was becoming popular I read that it was best to record no more than 28-35 minutes which was a normal commute on a bus, train or automobile, however, now with most people working remotely that has changed…a normal commute is about 13 stairs or from the bedroom to the basement!

Many work from home or remote workers have short commutes from their bedroom to their living room so they have more time that needs to be filled, which is a good thing because with more time on their hands they have more time to relax and veg out on Netflix or podcasts.



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However, when it comes to creating content and connecting with your audience only you know if they would listen to a 60-minute podcast show.  However, just like blogging, if you can say it in 50 words, why write 500 words?  

If your audience has a short attention span, then creating a 60-minute show might be overwhelming, so perhaps you can break it up into mini episodes, ones that they would be more willing to listen to in short binges.

Personally, I prefer shorter podcasts, and most of my shows are 15 minutes or less for the Delaware Blogger Podcast, and 30 minutes for Out & About with Antionette podcast.  I know my audience like these lengths because I have seen my download and listening numbers rise. 

Remember it’s your podcast and it has to work for you; it needs to fit into your schedule and you may just want to “hit it and quit it” and leave your audience wanting more each and every week – after all it is an intimate relationship that you are building so it might be worth the wait.

Podcasts Helps to Build Your Brand

Podcasts helps to build your brand, they can assist with your speaking and interview skills which can lead to paid speaking engagements and interviews on other podcasts.

Podcasts also helps you grow in your field of expertise, as you will want to read, research and learn more so that you can share this knowledge with your listening audience.

Don’t be fooled into believing that podcasting is a saturated market because it isn’t. The number of podcasts are currently just about 1 million, compared to over 600 million blogs, so there is plenty of room for you to gain and grow an audience.  A podcast can help your brand stand out simply because there isn’t as much podcast content out there as competition.

When podcasters are more active on social media, people are more likely to follow along with the podcast and support the brand. This makes a podcast a perfect partner for social media engagement.  So keep recording and publishing and find your sweet spot but remember, it’s your podcast so make it your own!

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