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Work Life Balance – It’s Now or Never

I recently had an opportunity to interview Victoria Russell, CEO at the Savior’s Foundation, LLC on “Out & About with Antionette” podcast.
Victoria Russell

Victoria Russell is a Public Speaker and CEO and Founder of The Savior’s Foundation LLC and podcast host. She is also a former NFL HR team member. Victoria is a wife and soon to be mommy, who is dedicated to building her relationship with the Lord and spreading the Word to others by giving back to the community.  

A recent graduate of Delaware State University she wants to give back to other young ladies that may need a mentor or just someone to talk to.


podcast interview with Victoria Russell

Victoria previously worked in the HR industry, where she got a chance to sit down and talk to the people that they would be hiring.  Talking to people she got an opportunity to learn more about them, as they were more than what they checked on a little box in a job application and she enjoyed meeting new people from all walks of life.


During these conversations, there was a common thread that she was seeing or hearing, and that was everyone was trying to find balance.  “They’re trying to find balance and also trying to find themselves, especially young people. They don’t really necessarily know what they’re doing or maybe what they’re not doing. They are still trying to figure out their lives which can be really confusing especially if they’re still in school or working part-time, and if they’re in school while working that just adds so much more pressure to the work life balance.”


These are things that Victoria struggled with while a student and now even at the age of 29 years old.  She is still just figuring stuff out but it’s better late than never!  This is a common theme; trying to find balance in our lives, work life, and personal life, and dealing with the different struggles that may come with them.


She understands that it’s hard out here especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, with a lot of things still being virtual and that makes things more difficult, especially when just starting school or a new job. Finding a balance of not being in person and not having that human interaction can be stressful.


college students


So, it is during this time that we need to pay a little bit more attention to our students and try to assist more, which is why mentorship is so important to her because everyone needs to build a bond with others.  


Victoria has a very supportive family especially her mom, which if not, she wouldn’t be where she is today and wanting to help others.  However, there were times that she felt that her “parents didn’t understand” but now that she is going to be a mother she understands that her son is going to one day say the same thing about her and her husband.


This is why Victoria thinks that it’s so important to give back and why she is very interested in giving back to the community, to give back to the youth starting when they’re in middle or even in high school.


Victoria remembers that Middle School was rough. “That’s a tough crowd with puberty and things like that, but that is why mentorship and public speaking is so important to her, especially now that podcasts are popular.”  A lot of people are into podcasting these days, they are listening more to them so she is going to use her podcast to help youth who are struggling with work-life balance issues.


Her podcast will be available on all podcast platforms with a new episode publishing soon.  She will be covering tips and tricks on how she can help young people, especially freshman in college which is timely since the school semester just started.  She will be talking about what to expect and how to balance life while in college, knowing what you want in your major and focused on teaching them what she learned while in school; as well as discussing their purpose or calling in life, which is something you want to figure out earlier in life rather than later so you don’t spend money switching majors. 


Victoria is encouraging students to register and sign up to book a session with her. She understands that right now it may be a little tough because they are just going back to school but for those who are truly dedicated and interested in receiving mentorship, she encourages them to sign up soon. 

If you are interested in having a friend, a mentor, somebody that you can build a relationship with and getting more than just a blanket response or answer Victoria is available, she wants you to feel comfortable so that she can help you whether it’s about dating or just trying to really figure out who you are. 


college student with professor


This is the goal of The Savior’s Foundation and if there are groups and organizations who are interested in booking Victoria for public speaking events please send an email to [email protected]


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