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I recently had an opportunity to interview Gayle Dillman, creator of Gable Music Ventures on the
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Gayle Dillman created Gable Music Ventures which serves as a platform for developing artists to showcase and perform original music and she founded the Ladybug Music Festival.

Gayle also offers her expertise and superior skill set to her clients by providing them with an array of creative solutions, showcasing each one’s unique style of music.

Gable Music Ventures’ signature event, the Ladybug Music Festival started in Wilmington, Delaware in 2012 and it has since expanded downstate to Milford, DE

Gayle, has been the recipient of many awards and recognition, including Delaware Today’s Women in Business, Women Who Rock Award, University of Delaware We Hatch Honor Circle Award as well as many accolades for the Ladybug Festival,

In 2010, Gable Music Ventures was sparked out of the need in Delaware of having a venue for emerging young artists which also included her daughter, a place to showcase their music.  “Delaware has such a depth of artists and creativity, and the creative economy is absolutely awesome when it comes to community support.” So when they started the music events it was simply local pop-ups, and with the Firefly Festival doing so well in Delaware, Gayle wanted a gender specific platform for women which is why it was named Ladybug Festival.

Although her daughter is no longer a performer, she works behind the scenes as a videographer and is also a video editor for Condé Nast .

Delaware is a really great place to be if you’re trying to launch something new. It’s a place where everyone knows everyone; you can ride the train with the Governor and the President of the United States, Joe Biden is from Wilmington.

Support was slow however, and oftentimes there was a small audience, perhaps 56 people in attendance and Gayle would go sit in the bathroom and cry, but after the tears dried, she headed back out and kept doing it and eventually it became successful.  “Entrepreneurship is hard, but when you believe in your dream and are passionate about it, it’s not defined by how many times you fail, but how fast you get yourself back up.”

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Music is very universal and as the crowds grew you would see the different age groups and many different demographics in attendance. Music really does unite people in a way that nothing else can do and Gayle loved that she started out small and never gave up.  “You have to have a very thick skin, a very thick skin because it’s not the business for everybody.”


Passion of the Give Back


Another passion of Gayle’s is to give back and to do good, not just write checks.  Doing something rather than just saying something all the time. So one of the other many hats that she wears is in the creation of an event where they’re going to use music to bring people into activism on the cultural front for women and their issues. 


This specifically came out of Roe versus Wade Supreme Court Decision.  It’s important for women, especially now, to come together to understand what the challenges are ahead and then how they can best navigate them.” So she thought, if they could bring music and other groups together to make a National Organization of Women, working with any number of other businesses to create a one-stop shop, listen to music, then listen to what other women are saying and doing to make a difference.


Women United


Pass the Mic


“I tend to be more liberal, I tend to advocate for women’s rights”


Gayle has a platform about women with the Ladybug Music Festival, and nothing brings people together more than music so it it’s a perfect fit for her new endeavor; Pass the Mic.  She is are currently seeking sponsors, supporters and donors to help get it launched so if you have an interest, please send an email to [email protected].


Gayle thought that by using what she had built over 10 years with the Ladybug Festival, that it would be a great way to teach and to help others understand what’s happening in our world. She is not trying to shape their opinions, just trying to give them information so they can form an educated approach to what’s going on.  To understand what are the issues? What are the consequences? Who are the candidates? What are the organizations that are trying to do things? 

I invite you to take a listen to the entire interview to learn how you too can become involved in “Pass the Mic” Movement and Make the Music – Make the Difference launch in Delaware.


Words of Wisdom


Gayle’s WOW (words of wisdom):

Collaboratively, we are better together. We are all the same at the heart of it. We all love. We all hurt all the same way and if we could see beyond that and work together for being these moments of music together, or you know, it just feel good about life and try and work toward a better world, we’re going to be better place and it starts with each individual”


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