How to Be More Social on Social Media

If you are following “Coffee with Bloggers” then you know that Lorena and I often ask that you share our content with your circle of family and friends. Social media is where we go to socialize, however, it’s very important to know how to engage especially on both Facebook and Twitter.

Below are 3 tips on how to be more social on social media and friendly reminders to share the love and “likes” on Facebook.

1. If Someone Posts on Your Facebook Wall, Like It

And if one of your followers includes you in a tweet, “heart” it then retweet it with a “thank you”. Think of it as a virtual high five. If someone takes a little time to say, “hey, thanks for sharing, this is great,” you should in turn take the time to do the same.

Likes on Facebook, favorites, +1s, and hearts are social currency to be valued. If your community consistently likes your content, but you consistently ignore their feedback, they’re going to stop commenting and you’re going to lose the opportunity to turn them into loyal customers.

2. If Someone Asks a Question – Answer It

Taking the time to respond whether you know the answer or not is very important. If a question is asked that you don’t have an immediate answer to, let the person know what you will research and get back to them – don’t just leave them hanging or not respond at all.

Tip: Not sure how to respond to a question, ask the person to email or call you, and you can take the conversation offline.

3. If Someone Shares Your Content, say “Thank You”

Social media is where we go to socialize with people that mostly likely we’ll never meet in person, which oftentimes makes it easy to forget to say, “Thank You”. However, social media is also the place we go to to build relationships so mind your manners and always say, “Thank you” when someone shares your content.

Say for example, someone shares your recent blog post like this one, “Turkey Sausage & Cheese in Crescent Rolls for Brunch,” with her Facebook or Twitter fans and friends, make sure to reply or retweet a “thank you”. Go a little bit further and ask her to send you pics if she too tries out the recipe. If she also posts content that’s relevant to you or your community, share her blog post as well – remember “sharing is caring”.

Try doing these tips consistently for a month, and you should see an uptick in the amount of likes, shares, and engagement on your social media platforms.

Let’s Chat > What tips can you share on how to be more social on social media.

8 thoughts on “How to Be More Social on Social Media

  1. Good morning dear Antoinette. Even though I honestly believe that these recommendations are “way too basic” and should have been learnt at home with Mommy and Granny, it is imperative to teach younger people about its critical importance. You have to be polite and thankful for the occasional few that put a “like” or “share”in your postings. As my ancestors, the Romans, used to teach:
    “Manus manum lavat.” Un baccione. Arrivedderci!

    1. Yes, however, the basics of being kind online and having social netiquette is often overlooked not only by kids but by adults as well. Thank you for commenting and Happy Martin Luther King, Jr., Day of Service Day!

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