Labor Day & Back to School Savings


If you are following me on Facebook or Instagram then you would have seen these pictures of Malik and me at Walmart where he tried to break the bank with his back to the dorm supplies.  

back to dorm shopping


I don’t understand why kids of all ages think that money grows on trees as if he had to pay for the contents of this cart, he would have thought twice about putting them in.


I wanted to help out the parents who have kids at home and need some money saving back to school items. These are some great items which can be purchased online at, Wayfair and Target.

Please note this post contains Affiliate Links, however, no additional cost will be added if you make a purchase.


With the summer coming to an end, book bags will be replacing beach bags and the jam-packed days of school, extracurriculars, and sports will be filling up the calendar. Keep your household organized with a few key storage solutions.

Honey-Can-Do 8-Piece Room and Laundry Organizer

Say goodbye to turning your bedroom upside down while rushing to get out the door. This eight-piece room and laundry organizer set stores, manages, and maintains your wardrobe with features like a 12-pair shoe rack, mesh laundry bag, and four storage drawers. Perfect for kids and adults alike.


La Rochelle Wall Shelf

Add space for stowing while also enriching your aesthetic with this rustic wall shelf. Crafted of iron and solid wood, its three tiers are perfect for holding mail, school forms, and even books to return to the library. Keep it in your hallway or by your front door for maximum organization.


High Road BackPockets Car Seatback Organizer

The car is often times one of the hardest places to keep clutter-free. This seatback organizer holds everything from umbrellas to tissues, and it doesn’t take up any floor space. It’s durable stitching and heavy-duty pack cloth construction insures years of clutter control.




Let’s Chat:  Have you found any Labor Day or Back To School savings?


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    1. You are full of a lot of great knowledge which I appreciate because I am all about making and saving money. I do have an affiliate account on Linkshare but totally forgot to add it. I will however, update the blog post to include it. Thank you for your vote as well as sharing with your followers, voting ends a minute before from midnight tonight!

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        Keep going in your blogging and hope you win the award for “Best local Delaware blogger!” 🙂

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