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Should Women Wear Heels After the Age of 50?

Wow, can you believe that it is already September….the month of my birth…yep, on September 20th I will officially be 56 years old!  


Last week while at work, a woman complimented my heels and stated that she wished that she could still wear them.  I told her that I was going to wear heels until I could no longer and hoped that it wasn’t going to happen until I was well into my 60s.  She was shocked that I was still wearing heels after the age of 50 – really!?

Now you know that I love my heels and if you followed my previous blog, DeDivahDeals, then you know that I own too many pairs of shoes, and even had a series of posts entitled “You Choose the Shoes” which featured two pairs of shoes every week.  

Click the link to see this same dress worn with yellow wedges.  However, heels are definitely my favorite styles of shoes because they elongate the legs and makes them look slim and sexy – what do you think?



wearing heels after fifty


The purse was a recent purchase from Rugged Wearhouse and believe it or not, it was only $19.99.  It also comes with a shoulder strap, however, it’s a bit thick and takes away from the sleek look of the bag so I probably won’t be using it.



Do you like this oversized funky plastic ring?


Fashion after Fifty

I am going to miss the warm summer days!


wearing heels after 50


Let’s Chat:  Should women over the age of 50 still wear heels?


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22 thoughts on “Should Women Wear Heels After the Age of 50?

  1. Say What?!! Of course you should wear heels and short dresses and bikinis and thongs and whatever you Love. You know that I love me some shooze and I’m still wearing heels at 65. You and I will be wearing them til . . . Enjoy every minute my Sista!

  2. “Yesssss,by all means!” If a woman feels comfortable with wearing heels after the age of 50yrs old and far beyond, it ain’t no body’s business but her own and I’m in agreement with my sister Madam too Much! End of story. 🙂 By the way, cute shoes. 🙂

  3. Of course you should wear heals! I would be wearing them if I could. If not for knee surgery, I’d still be sporting my heels. I gave a lot of mind away, but I stashed a few pairs in hopes that I’ll wear them again soon. Keep rocking the heels!

  4. I agree, you should wear whatever you love. I can’t wear heels anymore. I go for comfort and after twisting my ankles a couple times, there’s no way I want to do it again. I don’t bounce back like I used to.

  5. I’ve never worn more than a little low heel, I’m plenty tall enough on my own and prefer shoes in which I can walk a mile comfortably, but I agree that women should wear what they want to on their feet, regardless of age.

    1. Yes, sis and I’ve seen some of your cute shoes – by the way, are you still posting on your beauty blog or will the grandbaby take over that blog with his cute self!

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