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I still can’t believe it…last week “our baby” celebrated his





Where in the world did the time go?  It seems like only yesterday, I was changing his dirty diapers and today, he is washing his own dirty drawers…well, actually he has been washing his own clothes since he was about 10 years old.


Since Malik has been away at college our weekly washing loads have been much lighter, so it’s time to think about replacing our current over-sized washing machine for one that is more efficient and serves our needs better.




The LG TWIN WASH AND LG SIDEKICK can wash two loads at the same time saving us more time and using less energy in the laundry room!


What I like best about the LG’s Twin Wash system is if I have a small load that I don’t want mixed in with the  regular load like hubby’s lawn mowing clothes, or Tayair’s stinky workout gear, it can be done in the LG SideKick pedestal washer.

Or I can use the sidekick to wash my delicates which is perfect because I don’t like putting these items in with the regular clothes and often have to wait weeks until I have enough for a full load.   These clothes are separated and washed below, but can be washed simultaneously while the a bigger load is up top in the LG Front load washer – cool right?

The LG Twin Wash and LG Sidekick can handle any size load that we have and is energy efficient which saves us money without sacrificing a good cleaning performance.   We also have to use less detergent because it’s a high efficiency washer and that too really helps to save on the weekly grocery bills.

Speaking of savings, from now until 4/25/18, you can receive up to $500 off a LG laundry solution for your own home, so head over to the Best Buy website to read more and see if this would be a good fit for you and your family’s laundry needs.

8 thoughts on “LG Appliances Twin Wash Works for Everyone

  1. Pinned this I am wanting to redo our laundry room this spring and we need a new set and I want the one that does two loads too. I have so much of our laundry that we wash separate from other things. It would save me so much time and energy and lord knows I don’t have much of either!

    1. Great, had we not replaced our LG washer less than 2 years ago, this would definitely be on the list to replace our older one. I love the sidekick for delicates!

    1. I know crazy right – where has this been all my life, can you imagine washing the kid’s dirty clothes separately from everyone else’s or I could have washed my grandmother’s undergarments quickly without having to wait for the rest of the loads.

  2. Very nice! Over a year ago, I purchased a new GE washer and dryer set, and now I’m having problems with water drainage with my washer machine. I’m having Geek Squad come to my house to repair it. I bet if I had this LG pair I wouldn’t be having this problem.

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