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Purpose of a Podcast Newsletter


Do you send out a podcast newsletter?  If not, why not?

Purpose of a Podcast Newsletter Podcast

A podcast newsletter is an email sent out regularly to promote your podcast. You can send a podcast newsletter out for every new episode or as a roundup for multiple episodes which I do on a monthly basis including 4 episodes of Out & About with Antionette.

Your podcast newsletter should do more than just promote your show, however. It should add value to the listener’s experience. The ultimate purpose of a podcast newsletter is to grow your podcast audience.

However, a podcast newsletter can serve several purposes:

  1. Create a deeper connection with current listeners
  2. Build an audience
  3. Attract new listeners
  4. Get in the email box of new listeners




Deepening Connections

The first and probably most obvious reason to send out a podcast newsletter is to deepen your relationship with listeners.

These are the people already listening to your show. They’re your #1 fans. In addition to your podcast, they likely follow you on social media.

These fans are willing to subscribe to your newsletter because your content brings value to their lives. You’ve built a trusting relationship with them, so they’re willing to invite you into their inbox.

Building an Audience

Building and growing your audience outside of your spouse, bestie or mom, you should always be thinking about building an audience.

In order to build an audience of like-minded individuals, turning them into #1 fans, you should focus your show and the content on an industry and not solely about your company. Think more about being informational, inspirational or motivational rather than simply sharing content that is infomercial or salesy.

Always highlight and showcase your guests or the put emphasis on the pain points that you are solving if you are doing a solo show.

Attracting New Listeners

If your newsletter offers more than just your episode show notes, you may be able to attract new listeners through it.

That means you have to offer more value than simply recapping the episode. You have to add some depth to the content.

Taking a more value-driven approach to your podcast newsletter will also benefit your listener relationships and audience growth. So that’s a plus.

Get in the email Box of new listeners

Take a listen to the entire podcast episode to learn how you can get into the email boxes of your listeners as well as how to create a podcast newsletter then leave a comment with your thoughts and let me know if you send out newsletters.





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