Lolli & Pops Sweet Shop Tasty Tour at the Christiana Mall

I was recently invited to tour the newly opened Lolli & Pops Sweet Shop at the Christiana Mall.

Entrance to Lolli & Pops

Arriving early Wednesday morning before my first cup of coffee and before the store’s offical opening at 10:00 am, I was greeted by Rachel, the Chief Purveyor of Sweetness and surrounded by the most colorful assortment of tasty treats that I had ever seen.

It was also unlike any experience that I have ever had at a candy shoppe including the ones at Disney World, Orlando. I was however, a bit disappointed that Malik had returned to Bowie State University only the day before as he would have been in heaven!!

Lolli & Pops Sweet Shop

There were sweet treats from all over the world, including from Europe, Asia and Mexico. There were sweet treats from my childhood including Violet mints which took me back to the days of my grandfather and how he would load up the car with grandkids and drive to the Bronx for White Castle hamburgers.

There were sweet treats for those who don’t eat sugar, which I of course brought some home for hubby and there were other sweet treats that gave me a virtual toothache by just looking at them, but I know many kids would be delighted in receiving a big bag or tin of them.

Shelves of Sweet Treats
Sweet Popcorn for Everyone!

Cotton Candy of different flavors, Gummy Bears and Worms and even a big Gummie Snake lined the back wall as well as a giant Gummy Bear Statue!

Rachel gave me the grand tour which you can view below, but I invite you to schedule a tour of your own or just head to the shop to stock up on your favorite tasty sweets or to try a new one.

Rachel, The Chief Purveyor of Sweetness

There is also a Princess Party room and plenty of sweetness for the moms and dads-to-be, there were even Candy Cigarettes and lots of other vintage and gourmet goodies.

Rachel, the Chief Purveyor of Lolli & Pops, Christiana Store was such an amazing “tour guide” and you can see more of the livestream video below.

Sweet treats purchased from Lolli & Pops can be packaged in beautiful boxes, tins or jars and they would make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or any day! Oh, and if you buy 2 jars you get 1 free and are entitled to a refill purchase price when you return the Lolli & Pops with the signature boxes, tins and jars.

A bit of Jack Daniels alcohol for your chocolate

So many Sweet and Sour Treats, Spicy and Spiked treats as well as Non-GMO and Gluten Free treats can be found at Lolli & Pops – something for everyone!

Regional Sodas and Signature Water

Regional Sodas and Signature Water is also available.

If you want a tour of Lolli & Pops or want to plan a party, please head over to their website for more details.

What is your favorite sweet treat – I bet Lolli & Pops has it!

Sweet Treats from Asia
Lolli & Pops Candy Shoppe Tasty Tour at the Christiana Mall
Lolli & Pops Candy Shoppe Tasty Tour at the Christiana Mall
Sweet Treats from Lolli & Pops
Decadent Desserts from Lolli & Pops front counter

7 thoughts on “Lolli & Pops Sweet Shop Tasty Tour at the Christiana Mall

  1. Howard’s gum is that good ols school stuff. I saw that from time to time when I was growing up in Brooklyn back in the day. That new store at Christiana Mall looks nice. One type of candy I do miss from 30 years ago no one carries anymore is the thick long strip green and red sour powers. I used to love those like no tomorrow back in 1988-1989. They have RIPS in the small blue bag today that sells at Royal farms for almost $2 a bag with the same sugar taste as the original sour powers, but they tend to cut the candy. The original sour powers were at entire length and sold in a box. Hopefully you can give them a hint about finding those old school sour powers and consider stocking them so i can stop by and purchase a box.

    1. Oh, I am sure they can get them and hubby and I plan on visiting again soon so I will definitely inquire! Thanks for sharing your “sweet tooth” memories as it’s always fun walking down memory lane!

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