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Lord, Guide My Steps and Light My Path

“Ladies and gentlemen, our families are under attack. Our families are the foundation of our communities, our churches, our government. Is the foundation of civilization. We have to protect our families. So to my son. Here’s my message to my son, to men and to all the men of God. We cannot give up, we cannot give up on our families, our children. We cannot give up on our Queens. 

We have to start up lifting our Queens. And we have to do a better job than that. And most of all, we cannot give up on ourselves. The world needs us. It needs our strength. It needs our gentleness. It needs our compassion. It needs our spiritual leadership and it needs our Heart for God.”


I recently had an opportunity to once again interview Larry Davis on the Out & About with Antionette Podcast


Larry Davis is the CEO and Founder of REMEDY Team, an organization founded on the principles of Christian leadership in a secular society.  Larry’s passion for education and social betterment is 4th only to his love of God, his blessed children and family. Larry spent 12 years in Corporate America before becoming a second-career educator.


 In his education career Larry has been a classroom teacher, an assistant principal, an associate principal, a high-school principal, as well as a district administrator for school improvement, a district administrator for AVID programs, a district administrator for college career readiness/CTE/IB programs, a regional director of schools, and the Executive Director of secondary student learning and talent development. 


Larry has written curriculum in three different school districts, in Texas and California, and has published seven books, researched and developed several educational platforms that increase student achievement, grow and support leadership, help retain employees, and improved an organization’s culture and climate. 


Larry Davis, author


Larry has presented and conducted professional workshops in seventeen different cities and states across the US; “Education Needs A Champion and Our Children Deserve One!” 

During his career in Corporate America, Larry was a troubleshooter, but had no understanding as to why, he however, had the ability to see things that were not working right, fix them and then move on from it. 

I asked Larry about his thoughts on the future of our educational instruction, post pandemic especially given what’s going on in states like Florida where they’re trying to suppress our history.

He stated that the pandemic exposed what was already happening; it exacerbated an already tight system and caused it to explode. The social, emotional behavior, social, emotional learning, the social, emotional conditioning for teachers existed before COVID,  COVID just brought it to the forefront. 

Larry believes that our education system is going in the right direction and he doesn’t want to give up on our children. But when he looks at the adults and the politicians who use the education platform, he can’t help but be a bit hesitant because we pretty much have the same educational system that we had back during the days of the one room Schoolhouse. 

That education system was not predicated on educating minority children. It was predicated on educating affluent children. Back in 1956, we did away with separate but supposedly equal but we have education zones that separate our children by socioeconomic status, race and poverty. 

Unfortunately, we now have standardized testing to measure their achievement, but we don’t have standardized children, they don’t come from standardized backgrounds, they don’t have standardized needs. In speaking about erasing our history, which is not new, because 3 years ago in Texas, a group of people got together and went to the state capital because they wanted the word slavery removed from the textbooks. They wanted to replace the word slavery with involuntarily relocated.

They wanted to replace slavery with involuntarily relocated because they didn’t want their children having to deal with the disheartening thought of slavery, they didn’t take into consideration the ancestors of the slaves, nor the people who were enslaved. 

Now, when you look at Florida and what they’re doing to the black history curriculum, it’s a crime against humanity. Racism is a crime against humanity. We associate racism with the black community and we need to stop doing that. We need to look at it like it’s a crime against humanity that is impacting the black community. 

A Man, a Father, a Husband, Lord Guide My Steps and Light my Path


A Man, a Father, a Husband, Lord Guide My Steps and Light my Path

The book is more than about a man, a father, a husband. It’s also about a woman, a wife, a mother. It’s about parents. It’s about family. It’s about redemption. 

Although it’s a fictional book, it uses real scripture to combat worldly issues that we face every day. The husband, the main characters’ parents are God fearing parents. They’ve already put God at the forefront of everything they’ve done in their family.  Whereas his wife, her parents have lived what we call an open marriage type of life. 

They have to come to God through spiritual awareness, awakening, and redemption. there’s so many powerful statements, so many powerful moments in the book. So this book is going to equip people with scripture that’s going to help them with things. They’re going through their lives. It reiterates that thing that God wants to give you which is wisdom, he wants you to have this wisdom, knowledge and understanding. 

To learn more about Larry, listen to the entire episode and if you want to connect with him, send an email larry.davis@remedyteam.org. 

The book is available on Amazon.com in an eBook, paperback and hardback form. 





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