Smyrna Councilman Gerald Brown

Making an Impact in Smyrna, Delaware: A Conversation with Councilman Gerald Brown

Making an Impact in Smyrna, Delaware: A Conversation with Councilman Gerald Brown



In this recent episode of “Out & About with Antionette,” I sat down with Councilman Gerald Brown to discuss his journey, experiences, and vision for Smyrna, Delaware. As a member of the Smyrna Town Council, Councilman Brown shared insights into his background, challenges faced by the town, and the importance of community involvement. Let’s delve deeper into the conversation and explore the key points discussed.

Councilman Gerald Brown’s Background and Career:

Councilman Brown shared his background, highlighting his tenure at utility giant Consolidated Edison of New York. From starting as a meter reader to becoming a senior specialist responsible for a significant budget, Councilman Brown’s career was marked by dedication, integrity, and leadership. His experiences as a special investigator, Decon squad leader, and senior instructor equipped him with the skills needed to navigate complex challenges and make tough decisions.

Transition to Smyrna, Delaware:

After relocating to Smyrna from New York City over a decade ago, Councilman Brown brought his wealth of experience to serve the community. His decision to run for the Smyrna Town Council was driven by a desire to address the town’s infrastructure and development challenges. Despite initial setbacks, Councilman Brown’s commitment to improving Smyrna’s foundations remained unwavering, leading to his subsequent election and re-election to the council.


Challenges and Achievements in Smyrna:

Councilman Brown discussed the infrastructure issues faced by Smyrna, emphasizing the need for upgrades to attract corporations and ensure long-term growth. By actively engaging with contractors and utility companies, Councilman Brown worked to address neglected gas lines and enhance the town’s electric service. Additionally, he focused on holding developers accountable for responsible growth and addressing environmental concerns, such as lead contamination.

Community Engagement and Accountability:

Encouraging community involvement, Councilman Brown highlighted the importance of attending council meetings and participating in the democratic process. Despite recent tax increases that stirred some controversies, Councilman Brown emphasized transparency, accountability, and the necessity of making tough decisions for the town’s long-term well-being. By fostering open communication and being receptive to feedback, Councilman Brown aims to build trust and collaboration within the community.

Upcoming Special Election and Call to Action:

As Smyrna gears up for a special election, Councilman Brown urged residents to voice their concerns, attend council meetings, and actively participate in shaping the town’s future. By providing his contact information and emphasizing accessibility, Councilman Brown aims to bridge the gap between local government and the community. His leadership philosophy of taking care of the people in his charge serves as a guiding principle in his dedication to serving Smyrna.

Councilman Gerald Brown’s journey and commitment to making a positive impact in Smyrna, Delaware exemplify the importance of dedicated leadership, community engagement, and accountability in local governance. Through his experiences, challenges, and achievements, Councilman Brown’s story offers valuable insights into the collaborative effort required to build thriving and sustainable communities.

As residents of Smyrna and beyond, let us heed his call to action, participate in the democratic process, and work together to create a brighter future for all.


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