Mastering Your Mindset as a Business Owner

I recently had an opportunity to interview Mario Lanzarotti, The Freedom Architect on Out & About with Antionette” podcast.  Mario is a coach, speaker, and entrepreneur who specializes in transformational mindsets. From CEOs to Olympians and impactful entrepreneurs, he helps high-achievers build the mindset they need to reach the next level of income, impact and personal freedom!

After selling his NYC based startup Awl & Sundry in 2019, Mario dedicated himself to raising the consciousness of humanity. Through his masterclasses and workshops on transformational mindsets as well as conscious leadership, Mario has impacted thousands of people all over the world.  

My conversation with Mario actually began in April when I interviewed him for the TEDx Wilmington Podcast and like me, his high energy is real.  Mario stated that when your energy is real you can move mountains because “fake it till you make it” does not work, you should “own it until you are it”.

Mario is currently residing in Germany and is of Italian descent.  We talked about the Self Doubt Solutions, the conversations that we have in the back of our minds whether it’s professional or personal development that doesn’t allow us to enjoy the fruits of our labor..


Because we attract people who respond to our personality, fake it until you make it is going to attract fake people.  Therefore, we must be authentic, be vulnerable and seek support because when you’re genuine you’re going to attract genuine people who most likely will support you.

Transformational Mindsets vs Mindset Change


Transformational mindset is different from mindset change which may be more convenient but it doesn’t work at the root cause as you’re always trying to be someone that you’re not.  This may lead to negative actions such as drugs and alcohol or porn which none of which helps to solve your problem, it’s a lack of self-love and self-confidence.

When you embrace who you are it’s easier to change;  it’s easier to make real lasting changes.  You can go from being terrible to being phenomenal.

Pinball Machine Mentality


Take a look at your mindset by taking a look at your laptop; do you have a lot of tabs open?   Do you have you made a lot of commitments?   If so, it will drain you and your mind will be spread too thin.  Close those tabs, focus your mind and you’ll have more energy.   Too many commitments will drain you emotionally, mentally and physically.


Business owners are nurturers by nature, however, they seldom talk about their struggles, they hide it from family and friends and it’s eating them up inside.  They need to embrace their weaknesses as well as their strengths and have open and honest conversations with family members and partners, this will be an opening for opportunities.


When we connect with our feelings, it helps to take care of our mental health.   Staying healthy is vital for a long life.  By opening up it helps you to stay healthy.  Professionals are expected to consistently perform at a higher level but how are they dealing with their emotions?

Master your mindset =  abundance and freedom 

It’s easy to read a book or watch a YouTube video with business hacks, but it’s hard to take action on them.  Stop blaming yourself because our minds pull in previous experiences and if those experiences had negative results then you will self-sabotage yourself.  Forgiveness is a technique that will help you perform at a higher level so step out of your comfort zone, give up the negative noise, tumble, fall then pick yourself back up and keep going.

If you want to work with Mario he has a new program called Mindset Mastery so if you suffer from Impostor Syndrome, Self Doubt or struggle staying focused go to his LinkedIn or IG account to connect with him.

Mario, shared this WOW (Words of Wisdom) “If you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change”

Remember “everything that happens…happens for me”.

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