Metro Diner Middletown Review

Do you like eating out at local Diners?  Well if you do, then the Metro Diner is probably one that you should visit soon.  A new Metro Diner recently opened up here in Middletown so Malik and I decided to have lunch there before he headed back to Bowie State University.

review of Metro Diner by the Delaware Blogger


I had heard about the menu with the Shrimp and Grits as well as the Chicken and Waffles being the favorite of many locals, however,  what caught my attention was the Reuben Sandwich.


Metro Diner Menu


The Reuben Sandwich wasn’t as large as I remembered having in New York many years ago, however, I am glad that it wasn’t because it would have been way too many calories for me to eat now.


Reuben Sandwich at Metro Diner


Malik ordered the Chicken and Waffles and a Chicken and Biscuit Sandwich – the boy can eat!   The waitress prepared his bowl of syrup by adding a few dashes of Louisiana Hot Sauce before his meal arrived which consisted of fried chicken thigh, breast, leg and wing, slices of Belgium Waffles with Strawberry butter and hot fries – he killed it.


chicken and waffles at metro diner


Syrup and hot sauce


chicken and biscuits


Any who, after we ordered, I took a few minutes to look around and absorb the vibe of the diner.  There were many families and retirees and the atmosphere was pleasant, large potions of food was served to many patrons and you should have seen the Pot Pie served at the next table!


Metro Diner Review


Most of the waitstaff arrived to the tables in pairs as they were still in training mode, and the front counter was definitely a reminder of diners from the past which had me looking around for an old fashioned Juke Box….there wasn’t any.


Metro Diner Waitstaff


Specials of the Day


What was there, however, were friendly waitstaff, including a Managering Partner, Jason Roach, (not the perfect name working around food), modern techie Tablets for taking orders and for paying the bill as well as cool signs on the walls and a big chalk board featuring the specials of the day.


pay your bill with a tablet




Our food was brought to the table in a reasonable amount of time and was piping hot and was definitely more than enough for me, I had to take half of my sandwich and fries home.  The restrooms were also very clean which made for totally excellent dining experience.

Hubby called just before we left for a take out which I ordered for he and Tayair, Chicken Salad Sandwiches because Tuna wasn’t listed on the menu, which I meant to ask about but didn’t…next time.


Malik at Middletown Diner


Yes, we will be going back so that I can try a few of the other items on the menu, perhaps the Shrimp and Grits.

Let’s Chat: Do you like eating out at local diners?


sign in a diner

Metro Diner review by the Delaware Blogger

Metro Diner Middletown

6 thoughts on “Metro Diner Middletown Review by the Delaware Blogger

  1. [email protected]

    We heard about your Diner so we thought we would give it a try<the Diner was veryclean and inviting .My friends ordered Breakfast,which they said was large and very good,I decided to order your Salmon entree ,the Salmon was just perfect ,but what was under the Salmon was not good at all,you would do better serving it with a baked sweet potatoe and a veggie or soup or salade I was not impressed at all.,in fact some of it was under cooked and some burnt.It did not belong to that dish,I would like to try it again,but I am don t know??????
    Marianne Siderio

    1. Wow, did you let them know? I went back for dinner and tried the Cajun Chicken Penne Pasta which was spicy to my liking but a bit salty. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment.

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