Back to School Snacks & Salads with Jennie-O Sweet Thai Chili Turkey Breast



I can’t believe how quickly the summer flew by, I am still thinking about Memorial Day and we just celebrated Labor Day!  I am not ready to give up the grill nor the snacking and summer salads.

Thanks to Jennie-O we were are able to enjoy these snacks and salads even more because of the new Turkey Rubs including this Sweet Thai Chili.

Sweet Thai Chili Turkey Breast

Before Malik headed back to Bowie State University I prepared a few snacks for he and his buddies who happened to be hanging around that day and from the looks on their faces, which they like to mask, it appeared that they liked it.

Jennie-O Sweet Thai Chili Turkey Breast is all natural, pre-seasoned and fully cooked therefore, preparations was easy breezy!

I simply sliced a portion of the Jennie-O Turkey Breast and served it on top of crackers with a few cherry tomatoes on the side.

snacks with jennie-o turkey


I also made a simple salad by adding diced Jennie-O Turkey to a pre-packaged salad mix topped with Asian Noodles and a side of grapes.


simple salad with jennie-o turkey


There are many other recipes available on the Jennie-O website, so head over to get some ideas to make your own back to school snacks and salads!


BTW – The guys didn’t eat me out of house and home and we had plenty left for dinner the next night which I warmed in the oven along with some sweet potatoes!


back to school snacks and salads

Let’s Chat:  What are your favorite back to school snacks?

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