Microchips and Kids

Today a NY Times article entitled, Microchip Implants for Employees? reminded me of a post that I wrote on my other blog DeDivahDeals, back in 2015, Would You Chip Your Kid?


Hello Lisa”

Oh hey girl…what’s up?”

Did Natalie go to CLSC today?”

No, she didn’t have classes today…why…what’s up?”

Tayair…he left the house this morning at 7:00 am and it’s almost 10 pm. He’s not answering his phone nor responding to his text messages. His father left to check the parking lot at his job….”

My mind was racing a mile per minute and the only thoughts in my head were negative which directed me to this question…

Would you chip your kid?

Granted, my son is no longer a kid, he’s 23 years old, but he’s also intellectually disabled, but even if he wasn’t – I still would have been beside myself the night he didn’t come home after being out all day without a call or response to a text message.

Thankfully, the story ended well but it started me thinking, would I have chipped him when he was a kid? I remember BC, Before Children, I often thought negatively about parents who put backpack leashes on their kids, but once I had mine it only took losing Malik for 3 minutes to understand why they did.  

backpack leash


One minute he was standing beside me and the next minute he was gone…he had followed a waitress into the kitchen as we walked to our table in a very large restaurant.

Needless to say, I swallowed my heart that day and almost ran out to buy a backpack leash before traveling to Disney World but instead chose to keep him strapped in an umbrella stroller.

When the boys entered high school and started driving they each had a cell phone so I signed up for the ‘Family Locator”.  Having this phone app with Verizon provided us with a sense of security.  I could set the alerts to text me when they arrived at school and also when returned home in the afternoon.


I could track their phones when they were driving to the mall or to after school activities. Unfortunately, Malik learned how to deactivate the app on his phone and when they upgraded to the iPhone I lost the capability to track them. #TeamAndroid

However, with so much going on at college campuses, I sometimes wished that they each had an implanted tracking device so that I could just check in now and then to make sure they were where they were supposed to be.

I know in my heart that this technology would have been helpful to the parents of missing kids. Pet parents who chip their pets are happy when they find a lost or missing pup thanks to a tracking chip.

I truly think that it is definitely something worth considering especially when it comes to the safety of our kids or adults with disabilities.

I understand that there are security and safety measures to take into consideration, as well as plenty of pros and cons on this issue, but once again my question to you is “would you chip your kid?”

Let’s Chat: Now that employers are looking to chip their employees, would you be willing to have a chip implanted in your child?



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