My Friend, My Hero is from Money Earning Mt. Vernon


Last week I had the honor of interviewing Jerald Hoover, author of “My Friend, My Hero” and since both of us are from Mt. Vernon, New York, you know I had to throw it into the title, “My Friend, My Hero is from Money Earning Mt. Vernon”.




Jerald is an award winning author of books for young adults and teens.  His first novel, “My Friend, My Hero” is expanding into 4-part series entitled, “The Hero Book Series”

Mr. Hoover is also an adjunct professor, teaching Sports Management and is also a Site Director for an after-school program, filmmaker, sports writer and motivational speaker from Mount Vernon, New York.

About My Friend, My Hero As one of the top basketball players in New York State, Bennett Wilson, is destined to take Mount Vernon High to the state championship for the first time. With the nation’s top colleges clamoring for his services, he is guaranteed a scholarship. With fame and fortune waiting, the world is Bennett’s oyster. Or, so we think.

Bennett’s life is actually plagued with strife. As the oldest of three children living with their single mother in the tough inner city projects of Mount Vernon, the thought of choosing the fast life of the streets was never an option. His ticket out of despair was through basketball and academics. However, when Bennett learns his sick mother is three months behind in rent and was served an eviction notice, Bennett wonders if he can resist the temptation of fast money.

“My Friend, My Hero” is the first of a four part series which took Jerald nine years to get published after getting rejected over forty times throughout the nine year period and over sixty drafts completed. The first nine drafts were written by hand because he couldn’t afford a typewriter or computer.

If you didn’t get an opportunity to listen to the Podcast, please click the link below the picture so hear it as there will be a “Book Giveaway” coming next month and one of the questions asked in order to win will be taken from the interview.


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