I’m a Quitter and You Can Be One Too!


I’m a Quitter and You Can Be One Too!



Every time I shop at a store that sells cigarettes, looking at those per pack prices cause me to pause and shutter!  


“I am so glad that I quit!”


In today’s economy, I can’t imagine spending $5, $6 or more dollars for a pack of cigarettes.  When I quit in 2009, I was actually smoking a pack per day and at $3.75 per pack, it was putting a dent in my weekly budget!





I became addicted to smoking as a freshman in college and continued to smoke for over 35 years.  I had tried many times to quit even though both of my pregnancies but nothing was permanent.



I tried everything from going cold turkey to chewing gum, sucking on lozenges, the patch, hypnosis and finally Chantix but even then it took me 3 tries!



I am a proud ex-smoker and know many of you can say the same, however, if you aren’t but want to be and are between the ages of 18 and 65, head over to the STARQuitUD Facebook page.  Once there you will be able to read more about the Quit Smoking Cessation Program and perhaps qualify to be part of their quit smoking initiative while getting paid to do so as well. 

If you know someone that would benefit from the program please share this blog post – remember SHARING IS CARING!


Good luck!


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