Rage is a Reason to Blog!

Rage is a Reason to Blog!

If you are angry – then breathe and blog!

Don’t blow up, blog it out!  Anger,  anxiety and angst…yes we have been dealing with negative noise – constant communique 24/7 online, on TV news, in mags and rags.

COVID19 a worldwide pandemic; illnesses; death; job loss; high prices of food; high unemployment; shut downs; school closings; social distancing, uncertainty and then the killings of innocents by cops and other neighborhood watch members on national tv.

Not 1 but 2 black men were a catalyst for catastrophe… additional anger, anxiety and angst times a million.  Several weekends we watched peaceful  protests turn into chaotic chaos with looting and riots across every major city in the United States, Europe, Canada…literally across the world.

Anti-African Americans and antagonists pretending to care about #BLM started fires, spray painted walls, wearing gas masks and carrying umbrellas to shield their identity…how are you doing today?

Rage is a Reason to Blog!

 How are you coping?

 How are you contributing to the cause?

 Don’t Blow Up Blog Up!

There are several reasons to start a blog.. If you are feeling frustrated…grab a pad and pencil; open an app on your phone; attach a mic to your Mac or PC and start a blog!

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