Red Carpet Ready: Highlighting the Diversity of Arts in Delaware

In this episode of “Out & About with Antionette,” I interviewed the talented and inspiring Kerriann Otaño. Kerriann shares her incredible journey from performing around the world as a soprano soloist to her current role as a passionate advocate for opera and artist empowerment.

She discussed the upcoming “Divine Nine in Delaware” event, a unique blend of opera, ballet, hip hop, and soul performances aimed at celebrating community talent and promoting the arts right in Delaware’s own backyard. With a spotlight on the power of art in bridging communities and overcoming fear, this episode is filled with wisdom and excitement for the upcoming event. Tune in for an inspiring conversation and learn how to join in on the celebration!


My excitement about the event is palpable and I expressed my readiness for the big day on March 28th. The conversation delves deeper into the event details, featuring a red-carpet runway photo shoot, Italian food, live DJ, captivating performances, and the opportunity to connect with local artists. Kerriann articulates her vision of inspiring curiosity and fostering a sense of community through the event, urging people to embrace diversity and celebrate the local talent.

A Divine Night in Delaware Opera promo

The episode concludes with Kerriann’s heartfelt words of wisdom, where she shares her philosophy of embracing fear as a motivator and not letting it hinder one’s pursuits. Her perspective resonates with me, and I emphasize the importance of giving back and the positive impact the event will have on the community.

It is also evident that Kerriann’s passion for the arts, her dedication to making classical arts accessible and inclusive, and her enthusiasm for the upcoming event are all part of a larger effort to enrich Delaware’s cultural landscape. Her commitment to fostering an environment where people can embrace their favorite outfits, their diverse cultural experiences, and the richness of the arts community reflects an inspiring dedication to community collaboration and cultural celebration.

This episode of “Out & About with Antionette” not only showcases the power of podcasting as a platform for uplifting voices and spreading positivity, but also serves as an inspiring blueprint for those looking to start their own podcast. With the rich tapestry of storytelling, community engagement, and shared enthusiasm on display, this episode is a testament to the transformative potential of podcasting within local communities.

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