Summer Soundtracks and Classics

Aaah…the sun is high in the sky, the days are long and lazy and you just want to kick back…relax, poolside, beachside or hanging in a hammock under a tree with a cool, refreshing drink in your hand.


What would make this day even better…listening to your favorite old school summer songs and on this Wayback Wednesday we are going to listen to some of the summer soundtracks of the 60s and 70s.


The Beach Boys – Surfing USA


The Beach Boys “California Girls”


The Isley Brothers “Summer Breeze”



Although these are not from the 60s and 70s, they are classics which are always on my must hear summer songs playlist!


The Drifters – Under the Boardwalk



C.o.c.o Brown and the Phat Cat Players – Sun Dress



Of course, it wouldn’t be summer without Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff – Summertime


Let’s Chat:  What are you favorite summer classic songs?


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10 thoughts on “Summer Soundtracks and Classics

  1. Sly and the Family Stone – Hot Fun in the Summertime

    Seals and Croft – Summer Breeze

    Don Henley – Boys of Summer

    Will Smith and the Fresh Prince – Summertime

    Christopher Cross – Sailing

    Nice post! ?

  2. You certainly bought back lots of memories with those songs. I remember one in particular Louie Louie, I cannot remember the name of the band and also Brandy. Those remind me of summer when I was little. But there are so many others. It never ends.

    1. Oh, I remember Louie Louie and had to look it up, it was by the Kingsman and if you are talking about Brandy by Barry Manilow, I love the song as well.

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