Turkey Burger Toppings

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Yay, it’s summer which means pool parties, outdoor fun and of course outdoor grilling and one of my all time favorite grilled foods are Turkey Burgers!


Jennie-O Turkey burgers on the grill



However, it doesn’t matter where my burger is cooked, whether it’s outdoors on the grill on the inside on a George Forman grill, what tops my burger is what is really important to me!


I also prefer using Sandwich Rounds versus hamburger buns because I like to cut back on the carbs especially in the warmer weather and it’s really the tasty turkey burger and toppings that matter the most to me!


toppings for grilled burgers


Hubby likes his Turkey Burger topped with lettuce, tomato, raw onions, sautéed mushrooms and sweet peppers, white American cheese and a little yellow mustard. 


Malik on the other hand just spreads his bread with a little sweet and spicy sauce and that’s it, I find it boring and it must be a college thing because I definitely don’t understand it!


Tayair is not as boring, however, he only tops his burger with cheddar cheese, pickles, ketchup, and relish with a few chips on the side. 


However, for me, basically, I like putting a salad on my burger because it has to have lettuce, tomato, raw onions, cucumbers, sharp cheddar cheese, spicy mustard and pickles on the side.


turkey burger toppings


The Jennie-O Seasoned 1/3 lb Turkey Burgers are 90% lean and 10% fat and contain 65% less fat than a regular ground beef burger at only 250 calories per serving.  This brand of Jennie-O Seasoned Turkey Burgers are smoke flavored so if you aren’t big on toppings like me, know that they will be tasty even if eaten plain or just with a few toppings.

There are several varieties of Jennie-O Turkey Burgers including this brand of Seasoned Turkey Burgers which are infused with a smokey flavor giving it an outdoor grilled taste even if cooked in the oven.


Jennie-O Smoke Flavored Burgers

1/3 lb. Seasoned Turkey Burgers

Add instant flavor to an already juicy and delicious meal with our Seasoned Turkey Burgers.


Find this product in the freezer section of your grocery store.

Let’s Chat:  What is your favorite burger topping?




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25 thoughts on “Turkey Burger Toppings

  1. Love these burgers and they are a permanent part of my shopping list.

    The mister likes everything in the house on his…except pickles!

    I prefer tomato, avocado, and a sunny-side up egg!

    We go back and forth between Sandwich Rounds and whole wheat buns.

    Now I want one! ?

    1. oh, a sunny side-up egg- that is definitely a must try. I still have another box in the freezer and tomorrow I will be firing up the grill.

      I hope you have some this weekend – be safe and thanks for stopping by and giving me some more topping options.

  2. I love a good burger it doesn’t matter how messy it gets … I will only take the onion out (can’t eat those ) and add avocado 🙂 yummmmmmm … #ProductReviewParty

  3. We actually eat turkey burgers all the time in my house. I like the idea of raw peppers and cucumbers. They would give it a nice crunch.

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