Social Media Strategies for Small Business Owners

Social Media Strategies for Small Business Owners

Celebrating Social Media Day with Strategies for Small Business Owners

“Successful Social Media Marketing isn’t how many fans and followers your company can get, it’s how many it can actually keep!”

Most business owners understand that they can’t afford to ignore social media marketing, but how to gain and keep followers can be frustrating.

“Social media users thrive on meaningful online relationships”

Social Media Strategies for Small Business Owners

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When marketing on social media, it is important to have 2-way conversation with your fans, respond and check in with your followers.  You want your customers to share content with their circle of family and friend, so always provide them with content that is really useful to them and they will share it as well.  


“Content is King BUT Let Your Customers Wear the Crown”

When posting content, use social media to answer questions from customers around the world not just in your local communities or state.  Remember to use the 80/20 rule; eighty percent of the content a business shares should not be solely about its products or services, but should be the customers’ interests.

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20 Social Media Content Tips To Keep Your Fans Engaged

  1. Entertain yet educate your audience with industry news
  2. Ask open-ended questions 
  3. Create polls
  4. Post “Caption This Pic” photos 
  5. Create Behind-The-Scenes or DIY videos 
  6. Work with bloggers for Product Reviews
  7. Host online parties and provide giveaways, discounts, or coupons
  8. Share funny videos from YouTube
  9. Invest in videos or Rich Media (GIFS/Meme)
  10. Do live broadcasts
  11. Use hashtags for more engagement and to expand your audience
  12. Talk with your customers, not at them
  13. Claim your business at Google My Business then post on it regularly
  14. Ask for reviews and testimonials then turn them into memes
  15. Follow other businesses and share their content 
  16. Give shout-outs to clients and customers
  17. Post interesting “little known facts” 
  18. Ask Trivia questions or post “Wayback Wednesday” or “Throwback Thursday” pics
  19. Posts about holidays and other community events 
  20. Get creative with your posts using Canva, GetStencil or Smartmockups

Implementing just a few of these tips will help to broaden your brand when using social media as a marketing tool and I hope that you will join us on July 8th to learn more.


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