Dr. Artika Renee Tyner

The Need to Be Responsive in the World We Live In

Podcast interview with Dr. Artika Renee Tyner produced by EC Podcast Media

I recently had the honor and pleasure to interview Dr. Artika Tyner on a recent episode of Out & About with Antionette produced by EC Podcast Media.

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Dr. Artika R. Tyner is a passionate educator, author, sought after speaker, and advocate for justice. Tyner is the founder of Planting People Growing Justice (leadership training center, publishing house and bookstore). In recognition of her leadership and service, she is the recipient of more than two dozen awards that include: Women in Business, American Small Business Champion, International Educator Citizen, and American Bar Association Difference Makers.

Dr. Tyner has been featured in a variety of media outlets. She is a prolific, award-winning author of adult and children’s books that includes: Amazing Africa: A to Z and The Inclusive Leader: Taking Intentional Action for Justice and Equity. She serves as a global citizen by supporting education, entrepreneurship, and women’s leadership initiatives in Africa.

In furtherance of her philanthropic efforts, she created Planting People Growing Justice Leadership Institute, a nonprofit organization committed to promoting literacy and diversity in books.

Dr. Artika Renee Tyner

Click this link to listen to the entire episode and check out the link for more information on the Black Doll Project

For more information about Dr. Tyner, pleace check out her Facebook page @dr.artikatyner @ppgjbooks @leadersjourney365

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